You Deserve So Much More Than “Almost”

If I had to choose among all the words in the world, the one I hate the most, that word would be “almost”.

The dictionary gives the word “almost” the following definition: “not quite, almost. ”

See, that word can apply to many things in life but never, it should apply to a relationship. I firmly believe that we must take risks and play our hearts. I believe in second chances and that people can change. I believe that if some people are afraid of engagement, it is because they have been injured in the past and this is normal.

On the other hand, I do not believe that it is possible to apply the word “almost” to a relationship. There is a big difference between living without regrets and taking unnecessary risks that can destroy us. Engaging in a relationship when the other person is unsure of themselves will destroy you. It’s like living with the fear of never being good enough. This person tells you that you are not good enough for them to commit. She tells you that you are not worthy of being seen with her. She tells you that you are “not quite well but almost well enough.” “

Not everything has to be a mind game in life. If someone wants to be with you, they must be with you. He must not find pretexts saying that it will never work. He must not avoid your messages or your calls and must not give himself only half in your relationship.

If you find yourself in an “almost relationship”, I think it is more a sign of your feelings about yourself than of your partner. I’m not saying that if you’ve fallen in love with someone who isn’t sure what they want, you’re a horrible being. I say that you deserve much better than someone who constantly uses the word “almost” to describe his life.

You deserve love and beauty. You deserve someone who will tell all their friends about you and proudly hold your hand in public. You deserve real dates and a meaningful relationship.

You deserve certainties.

You deserve consistency.

You deserve the world and so much more.