You should avoid going back to someone who broke you

Don’t let a weak moment where you feel lonely ruin everything, try to reconnect with an ex, drink to ease your pain, or text that you’re going to hate yourself the next morning.

Stop believing that you don’t deserve better than this person.

Never go back to her because you feel lonely, sad, or broken hearted, the person who broke your heart into a thousand pieces, won’t be able to fix it, if you go back you will think it will be. different, you will think that person has changed, that things have changed, that you have aged and matured, but things like that don’t change.

There is still a great chance that this person will hurt you again, it is possible to have your heart destroyed more than once, by the same person.

You want it to be different, you want to believe it so badly, but seriously has this person changed?

At first, you are going to believe that you made the right and the best choice, you are going to believe that things will be different, because he cares about you a lot more now, but in an instant things will change, to remind you why it doesn? just didn’t work the first time and maybe even the second.

They will believe and think that you are weak, that you are always going to forgive them, no matter what they do. They’ll congratulate themselves on the way they act, and most of all there is nothing sincere about their apologies, especially not when they make the same mistakes over and over again.

You are not weak to love them, to hope that they have changed, because in the end all you want is the best for everyone.

But the truth is, you can’t be with someone who pulls you down, or always breaks your heart, because they are only thinking of them.

You probably deserve a lot more than going back to someone who has broken you multiple times just because you want them to change so badly, but forget that, you can’t help someone who really doesn’t want to. ‘help at the grassroots.

With time and the distance between you two, you will find your joy of living, your smile, because you will realize that it is you who create your happiness.