You will be loved again, by a man who will know how to love you

The lonely evenings that you feared so much will become impatiently awaited evenings, because you will know that your lover will be waiting for you at home. You will not have to spend another night, victim of your toxic thoughts and your heavy sorrow. You will not have to spend another night wondering what is wrong with you or when you will come out of the shadows. Your nights will be full of stars, warmth and love.

The mornings when you were drinking your coffee alone, looking out the window wishing to have someone to open your heart to will become mornings for two. You can finally open up, be yourself. You will no longer have to hide those parts of you that you were ashamed of because you will feel safe. You will feel accepted and loved. You will no longer be afraid that everything will go wrong. You will no longer walk on eggs and will no longer be terrified of saying a word too likely to scare it away, because it will have chosen you to spend every day with you and will always choose to stay by your side.

The pattern where you fell for men who never loved you as you wanted to be; for men who only half loved you; or for men who made you feel unwanted will be a distant memory. It will become a joke, you will laugh with your friends thinking how stupid you were to believe that your relationships with such men could work, because you will finally understand why it could not work with them and you will also understand why you had to wait that long to find someone good. You had to wait for someone who never makes you doubt and who does not fill your heart with confusion and pain.You had to wait for someone to show you how you deserved to be loved and make you wonder why you were engaging men who weren’t able to.

Those years spent wondering if the desired love really exists or if you will eventually meet it will be over because you have finally found the answer. Your dream will be out of hand. You will reach that moment in history when everything is going well and love is knocking on your door and from that point on you will be doing projects together for the years to come, doing whatever you want to do when you were alone and lived entirely from your fantasies.