Your relationship photos say a lot about your happiness

Contrary to appearances, displaying your love on social networks is not a sign that our two little hearts are pounding. It would even be the complete opposite, according to the researchers.

It is not always the outward signs of happiness that are most realistic. They are sometimes even misleading. Take these couples who appear on social networks regularly, seeming to live crazy love 365 days a year: that would be a decoy. Our life as a couple may seem less perfect than theirs, less filtered too, and yet not showing our love on the canvas would be a sign that everything is fine between us and our partner. And that we have nothing to prove to others.

Appearances are deceptive

Obviously, we argue like each couple for trifles and we also live ups and downs. And obviously, it’s annoying, even depressing , to see tanned couples hugging their feet in the water (turquoise) on Instagram while our man is in underpants-socks doing bindge-watcher series on the couch.

However, according to a new study , it turns out that couples who do not publish anything about their relationship on social networks would be happier than the others. And this, with or without turquoise sea.

That said, rest assured, if you happen to post a photo of the two of you because you find yourself too cute, funny or in a place that deserves that the whole world (or almost) sees it, there is there is nothing alarming, everyone does it. Finally, it’s all about frequency … and connection time.

Beware of over-connection

Studies show that it is not only a question of not spending too much of your life as a couple on social networks but of not spending too much time on Instagram, Facebook and others. Indeed, it turns out that those who use social media less would be more satisfied with their lives because they are more fully present , instead of posting on what they could live. People who post photos too regularly would be more depressed than the average simply because they cannot help comparing their life to that of others, in pictures, from their screen.

True happiness doesn’t need likes

Finally, when we are in a truly happy relationship, we no longer feel the need to prove it to others, it does not matter that the others validate – with “likes” – our union . In fact, we don’t feel the need to constantly post photos of us and our darling on Instagram.

What make us want to go take a look at our profile and self-stalker in order to gauge the state of our love … and that of our couples of friends so photogenic, too, by the way.