9 Tips top buy Awesome Cheap Christmas Gifts

At this end of the year, the Christmas holidays are coming and with them the growing desire to spoil your family, your friends, even your colleagues.

After finding the ideal and personalized gift for each of them, comes the time to shop all these presents.

Yes, but here … Far from the unlimited budget of the Far North, finances are often tight at the end of the year, and you must to your dismay see your desires down … But not this year!

Imagine that you can spoil your loved ones without ruining yourself, and only with a few quick tips? It’s a dream, right? Well today, we will make this dream a reality, by giving you 10 tips to buy your Christmas gifts cheaper!

1 – Emrys the map

Emrys Card is a cooperative that has created a loyalty program that is starting to become more and more popular. They even spoke about it on TF1 in the show Sept à huit on February 17th! This cooperative is part of the FNCC (National Federation of Consumer Cooperatives).

Emrys the map is in partnership with Cadhoc and Total. This allows them to order cadhocs checks and total cards in large quantities and to receive a discount that we could not have by ordering alone.

When we buy cadhocs checks or total cards on the Emrys website, these discounts are not redistributed right away, but are placed in a loyalty plan and will grow over time. This allows us to recover almost all of our expenses (93%) in the form of purchase credit to buy new cadhocs checks and cards for free.

To get all of our repayments, it takes a number of years, but there are several levels of redistribution and we start to receive our benefits after a few months.

Cadhocs checks are also valid for food and are accepted in almost all supermarkets and many other signs. So for me, it’s the best tip for buying cheap Christmas gifts!

2 – Cashback with iGraal

To save money while doing your Christmas shopping on the Internet, you will first have to think about signing up for a cashback site like iGraal .
Simply put, cashback allows you, through your purchases on various websites, to accumulate credit and obtain discounts. A bit like a loyalty card.
Simply register for free on iGraal and you will be able to access a multitude of online sales sites. Once on the site of your choice, you do your shopping and pay your order quite normally.
The difference with an ordinary purchase is that there, part of the amount of your order will be returned to your iGraal account.
The iGraal site, created in 2006 and recently bought by the M6 ​​group, is a cashback platform that offers you not only to pay you a percentage up to 30% of the amount of your order according to the sites but who offers you also a multitude of coupon codes to pay even cheaper!
Thanks to this site and to all partner merchant sites, you will almost always find your happiness, and your prize pool can be paid from $20, by bank transfer or Paypal, or by Amazon gift voucher.
As Christmas approaches, iGraal’s partner sites like cadeaux.com offer cashback increases that will save you even more!

3 – Private sales

Whether you’re looking for a cheap gift, or a cheap gift, and especially if you do not have a clear idea of ​​what you want to offer, you can head to private sales sites .

Very developed in recent years, these sites offer you, temporarily and periodically, huge promotions on just about all brands and in all areas: fashion, decoration, shoes, spirits, tickets, travel, food, etc.

You just have to get there early, because delivery times are often more than two weeks … So for last-minute gifts, we forget! However, several sites are market leaders in France and we will briefly introduce them to you:

  • Showroomprivé was created in 2006 and offers every day a dozen new private sales, always in very eclectic fields. The discounts usually start at -50%, but for the most exceptional sales, it can go up to -90%! The shipping costs are reasonable, and some sales sometimes offer delivery in 24 hours.
  • Vente-privée was created in 2001 and also offers a dozen new sales every day, in a multitude of areas. Sales are pretty short – usually less than a week – so you’ll have to be responsive if you know what you want. The proposed specials generally range from -50 to -70%, but some offer even more limited in time are often more attractive (Rosedeal and OneDay).
  • Private sport shop was established in 2010 and is fully dedicated to private sports sales. You will have a -30 to -80% discount on a huge selection of sporting goods. A section “The Shop” will offer delivery in 48h.
  • Beauté-privée was created in 2007 and is the leader of private beauty and wellness sales in France. This site offers very attractive prices up to -90% on cosmetics, care, hair products, but also on stays or packages in institute, spa, etc.
  • Noova is a site that brings together and sells innovative products developed by startups from around the world. What is top is that this site offers both a permanent collection, and ephemeral private sales with great discounts.
  • Devil’s Sale was established in 2006 and is the reference site for high-tech private sales. This site offers between 5 and 10 new sales every day, and up to 70% discount.
  • Bebeboutik was established in 2012 and specializes in a private sales for babies and children under 12 years. This site offers 4 new sales per day, with promotions of up to 70%, for everything related to early childhood (clothing, toys, furniture, etc.).

4 – Win gift cards

If you’ve never thought of it, you can easily earn gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, and others) that will allow you to make your Christmas shopping cheaper, or why not offer them directly.

For example, if you decide to use the iGraal site we talked about earlier, remember that you could choose to withdraw your prize pool as an Amazon gift voucher … And that’s pretty cool.

You can also earn gift cards without much effort by taking paid surveys on sites like Toluna or I-Say that offer a wide range of partners.

Also consider looking at multi-pay websites such as Ba-Click or the lucrative applications, which will allow you to earn money simply by downloading and playing games for example. What to make profitable trips by bus or metro!

5 – Reconditioned products

Another nice tip to get cheap gifts and top: reconditioned products! Whether it’s multimedia, connected objects or appliances, today you can easily find the gifts you are looking for, second-hand and refurbished.

The principle is simple. If, for example, you are looking for a state-of-the-art super smartphone, but you do not want to sacrifice a salary, you can go to sites specializing in repackaging smartphones, or simply visit a specialized store selling multimedia.

Indeed, these signs or these sites offer a smartphone redemption service, but not only, this is an example for ordinary users.

These smartphones are then reconditioned, that is to say, refurbished with a factory configuration, etc., and are put back for sale at a price much less important than the starting price, taking into account any defects. aesthetic that can survive.

If you are looking for a refurbished product, also think about looking at the brand itself, if it does not offer such a service, but beware of some sites that offer offers too tempting to be honest.

There is also an application called Volpy that tests your phone (touch, microphone, camera, flash …) and makes you a redemption proposal depending on the state of your phone. This app also offers to exchange your phone for another reconditioned or new smartphone by paying only the difference in price.

6 – Auction sites

In order to find all your cheaper Christmas presents, maybe have you ever thought about signing up for an auction site? These sites are indeed auctioning an object quite expensive in normal times but at a very low price.

The last user to bid at the end of the sale wins the object. Attractive, no? Well, you still have to know that bidding is often paid (a certain percentage of the final amount of the sale), and that the shipping costs are often borne by the buyer.

But if you are lucky, you can do very good business! For example, the website Catawiki was created in 2008 and offers auctions in various fields (jewelry, stamps, art, etc.) and on every sale, everything is very precise about the following minimum bid, auction fees and even expenses Delivery.

7 – The auctioneers

Another good plan in the same vein, you can refer to an auctioneer who is responsible for leading the property auctions, at a price taking into account the supply and demand.

You will not necessarily make huge savings, but you can find atypical or rare items at sometimes attractive prices, so it costs nothing to think about it!

8 – Handmade gifts (to do it yourself)

As long as you are a little creative and inventive, it can be a great gift idea not expensive at all to make yourself small handmade items for your loved ones.

It can allow you to express feelings that do not necessarily come from a gift bought in the trade, and then it’s always nice to receive something 100% personalized and made with love!

For those who do not think to be very good at their ten fingers or who do not have too many ideas, think of searching a little on the Internet, you will find hundreds of ideas of “DIY” (Do It Yourself) that you will be easy to make at home, with little equipment and cheaply, and once beautifully packaged will do a lot of work.

9 – Buy during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Tradition straight from the United States, Black Friday will allow you to make great savings. Every year, at the end of November, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday begins.

That day, most brands, stores and online sales platforms make huge specials of up to -80 or -90%! Originally, Black Friday was only held during the day of Friday.

But in view of the magnitude that the phenomenon has taken, many brands make the pleasure last, either by anticipation during the “black week”, or during the following weekend, or both.

It should be known that for the latecomers who would not have benefited from these exceptional balances to make their stock of gifts at unbeatable prices, many brands also make the Cyber ​​Monday, which is to say of super promos but only for online sale, the Monday following Black Friday.

So do not hesitate, to a Christmas, this is the moment or never to buy all the gifts on your list, whether they are for you or for your loved ones!