12 series on Netflix to watch

It is true ! I watch series! I can find time, usually between 10pm and 2am some nights a week. Unfortunately, I have a hard time satisfying myself with what television offers, or what my dear access provider offers me.

Enter Netflix.

Find something on Netflix

Netflix is ​​a catalog of series and flims very varied, for 8 € minimum (cancelable at any time). Personally, I think it’s good and not good.

If you know what you want, and he has it, then it’s jackpot. But sometimes I spend an incalculable number of hours (well I exaggerate a bit) to look for films that I would like to see that I do not necessarily find, even old (must say that now I’m rather late on what is to fashion, so what I’m looking for is not newer)! Then, in these cases, when I finally found, I fall asleep as soon as I pressed play.

The movies, often, it may seem long (especially if it’s a movie with Jack Black that your husband has chosen at random … it lasts about 10 hours to view in perceived sensation). Stopping him in the middle to resume later does not do it. Sometimes they are interminable but you want to reach the end, because maybe you’ll have a medal for seeing this nullity? You will be able to tell your children, I saw this movie and I survived! What’s funny is that Netflix is ​​hauling some of its subscribers for watching series or movies too often!

In short, all that to say that movies is less and less my cup of tea. The series I have always loved, even in the old days when it was not well seen to watch so many series. A hipster (or no-life to choose) before time.

Series for all tastes

To help you in your search for series to see without wanting to shoot after, I made you a list of series that I like and that are worth it. I have quite heterogeneous tastes, you will inevitably find something! The series I mention are all fairly recent, I will not talk about the older ones but cults such as Breaking Bad, Friends or HIMYM (at least the first seasons of the latter).

 Masters of None

How did I find out? Simply because she is from Aziz Ansari that I liked in Parks and Recreation a few years ago (series with Amy Poehler, and Chris Pratt in particular).

What does this tell? It follows the romantic and professional life of Dev Shah (played by Aziz), a thirty-year-old American of Indian origin who lives in NY.

Why is it good? Because the stories are nice, the dialogs are nice and all is funny and light. Series rewarded by numerous awards or nominations.


How did I find out? I had been told good. Basically a story of women’s wrestling was not my thing.

What does this tell? It’s based on a true story: a television show about women’s wrestling in the 1980s in the USA. GLOW  is the acronym for  Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresling.

Why is it good? We are invested in the story of the two main characters rather quickly. It tells real stories, not necessarily easy at times. It’s funny and moving. Back in the 1980s that seems to be particularly fashionable right now.

Ten percent

How did I find out? Unlike the others, it is a series broadcast on France 2 in fact, not an original Netflix. A French series. Just that and it was over for me I did not want to hear about it. But, a passionate series (even worse than me) convinced me to watch a few episodes.

What does this tell? It’s about an art agency in Paris. We follow the agents in their work. In each episode, a real actor plays his own role.

Why is it good? Here again: the dialogues are good, the characters are endearing, sometimes attaching as well anyway. Who does not like to see real actors play their “own” roles?

Santa Clarita Diet

How did I find out? This is all the work of Drew Barrymore’s agent, or his work directly. I knew the series through his Instagram account! It looked gory but funny. And for me if it’s funny, chances are that it works well.

What does this tell? Santa Clarita is a city in which live Sheila and Joel, two real estate agents, and their daughter Abby. Everything shifts overnight when Sheila turns into a zombie.

Why is it good? It’s a little gore, and so bloody if it does not plug you can always close your eyes when it gets trashy. This is a comedy series led by the two main actors who seem to have a lot of fun, and who we attach quickly (in addition to the husband of Sheila is rather pretty, cute and in love with his wife cannibal it does not spoil anything).

Anne with an E

How did I find out? I stumbled upon it while browsing Netflix. The image of the poster is that of a little red-haired girl with big blue eyes and a wreath of flowers on her head. Photo hyper retouchée of the main actress, a girl of about fifteen years. This is a new adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, a book I read as a child.

What does this tell? So it’s based on the American book of literature Anne, the green gables house of Lucy Maud Montgomery. The adventures of Anne Shirley, an orphan collected by the Cuthbert family (a brother and a sister, both elderly) in Canada at the end of the 19th century.

Why is it good? I thought it was fresh and poetic. The actress who plays Anne is fascinating, and superbly delivers her (long) monologues! A small series in costumes.

 Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

How did I find out? This is the sequel to the series that began in 2000. As an “old” fan, I’ve been waiting for it for a long time!

What does this tell? The relationship between a mom, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory, whom she had at a very young age. The series, of course, resumes several years after the end of Gilmore Girls. Rory is now in her thirties and seems to have trouble managing her pro and personal life.

Why is it good? Dialogues were great before, they always are. The characters are funny. The whole remains light, comic. Appearances of many known characters in the series, including Milo Ventimiglia (now the dad in This is Us, for those who know) or Matt Czuchry (the blond lawyer in the Good Wife) it does not hurt. And for those who want to know, at the risk of displeasing, I’ve always been