9 Things I Stopped Buying To Save Money

Many of us dream of leaving their jobs on a whim without looking back. Although we are convinced that it would do us a lot of good from an emotional point of view. The fact of not being prepared and having no savings prevents us most of the time.

Yet, if we pay attention to how we spend our money, it would be possible to change jobs or leave without losing too much money.

Discover 9 things you need to stop buying to save money.

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1. The brand

Stop being obsessed with branded products. Unfortunately, the brand is no longer a guarantee of quality nowadays. You can continue to buy brand for some specific products but when it comes to everyday products, do not rush about the most expensive products.

2. Cleaning products

Do not be fooled by the so-called magical products that we see in advertising and that promise you a clean home in minutes. Vinegar and baking soda will work wonders if you add a little elbow grease. You can also create your own floor cleaner, kitchens or even a deodorizer.

3. Paid subscriptions

Cancel your pay-TV subscriptions, on-demand movie rentals, and other additional options. Why pay for it when you can have a complete package with Netflix ?!

It may seem a little difficult for you to give up some of your entertainment, but it’s only a matter of time before you see how much you’ll save.

4. Retail items

You may think that buying products in small quantities will cost you less, but that’s not true. Shop at a wholesaler or buy your daily bulk products. Buy refills and fill your containers to reduce waste.

5. Eating out

It’s easy to give in to a takeaway or a good restaurant after a busy day of work … You do not have the energy or the time to cook for your family.

It’s time to start planning weekly meals. This does not mean that you will eat less well than before but simply that you will need to be better organized. All you have to do is warm up your dish in the microwave and keep your free time for something other than cooking.

6. The coffees

You are addicted to coffee and you can not do without your coffee at breakfast? No worries, you do not have to give up coffee altogether, but you can only stop ordering it outside. Invest in a good coffee machine and you will save a few euros every morning!

7. The sin of pride

Stop wanting to buy things to impress others and start buying things because you really need them. While flattering your ego undeniably gives you a sense of pleasure, you have to be responsible and make wise choices with your money.

Do not try to be “in the loop” or to be accepted by society by living a life that others want. Live your own life!

8. Shaving foam

This is certainly not a necessity and you can simply use soap and moisturizer which is a great alternative.

9. Impulse purchases

Stick to the list when you shop or you may fall into the trap of compulsive shopping. Do not waste your money on these marketing scams and keep track of your budget.

Saving money with one income is not easy, but you can probably save more than you expected by changing your spending habits.