Christmas Gift Ideas Zero Waste and Minimalist

The goal is to give you ecological and/or minimalist gift ideas, so you are necessarily the person who knows your family best, but it can give you some tips. Whether gifts for people already in practice or others that you kindly want to see awake, there is for all profiles. Let’s go!

Ideas for non-material gifts:

  • Offer concert tickets.
  • Offer a trip.
  • Offer a subscription to the pool or gym.
  • Offer a subscription to a meditation program.
  • Offer a subscription to Spotify / Netflix / Deezer.
  • Offer a session at the beautician / hairdresser / massage / pedicure, etc.
  • Offer seats or a cinema card.
  • Offer a soul reading.
  • For young parents offer babysitting for a party, a foot massage, a wonder box weekend in love?
  • An ebook.

Zero-waste objects:

  • A kit to make your own laundry.
  • A hygiene kit, you can slip in a solid soap, a solid shampoo, an oriculi, washable cottons, coconut oil, a compostable bamboo toothbrush. You can also think of washable cups and sanitary napkins, it’s quite expensive so it can be a good gift idea. You also have washable tissues, many small creators make very pretty.
  • A kitchen kit where you can put a dishwashing brush, a Marseille soap, homemade dishwasher tablets, a tawashi sponge, baking soda, vinegar, jars, paper towel -all washable you can make a nice kit complete
  • Also think about stainless straws, flat covers, bulk bags, really useful gifts

I hope these little ideas can help you make your selection for Christmas.