Free samples: 6 tips to get them easily

Do you love receiving free samples of new products or your favorite brands?

Know that beyond a surprise in your mailbox or at the store, thousands of people are able to regularly recover all kinds of free samples of perfumes, cosmetics, food or other.

Discover our guide below tips and advice to get samples easily.

1. Request free samples in store

As often, the most effective method is often the simplest: ask.

Many shops, supermarkets or other shops have free sample stocks that they can distribute on request.

The method does not work everywhere. But in perfumeries, pharmacies and para pharmacies, for example, you have great chances to leave with some products and cosmetics.

And in the worst case, the answer is a simple refusal. Why not try?

2. Go to specialized sites for free samples

Internet offers many sites specialized in offering free samples.

In French, This is, for example, the case of or , two of the most popular sites to enjoy small surprises for free.

Some sites will send you samples for simple questionnaires, polls, quizzes or simply for open access product tests.

3. Participate in paid tests

Several paid surveys or test platforms offer to send you free samples of products to test and then give your opinion on products.

You will, therefore, have to answer a satisfaction questionnaire. But even if it requires participation from you, the questionnaires often take a short time – rather interesting for a method that works really well.

4. Request free samples directly from the brands

You particularly like a brand and would like to have samples of some of their products or goodies with their image?

Know that you can also try and directly ask for free samples by writing them an email, a letter or by contacting them by private message on social networks.

The answer is quite often positive. Otherwise, they will often redirect you to some of their contests or deals that may also allow you to win branded gifts.

5. Participate in tastings

Supermarkets or food shops regularly organize in-store tastings, which sometimes allow you to leave with samples of the product to take home.

Ditto for some brands, which offer to send you free samples for tasting against a return from you on the product in question.

Food samples are also a great way to discover new products without ruining your wallet.

6. Promote a product on the Internet

You have a number of fans or followers on social networks, you animate a website with quite interesting traffic or enjoy a little popularity in any field?

Know that you can take advantage of your notoriety to make products known to your audience, against which brands will provide you with free samples or even whole products to test.

For example, if you own a fashion site with a strong community, you will necessarily interest brands. And maybe even she will come to you to offer you to test their products.

This is the reason why many bloggers or bloggers often receive at home all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes or clothing … and free shipping included.