We will not hide it, to travel, it takes money. Of course, some people can travel with just a few dollars in their pocket for several months. Others will even tell you that they travel without money. On the other hand, for the common people, traveling also rhymes with expenses. In another article, I answered the question: how to travel often giving you 10 ways that I always use and that allows me to go on a more regular adventure. Obviously, there is no miracle recipe that works for everyone. Everyone has their own constraints and their own stuff. Some will prefer the Couchsurfing and others prefer to deprive themselves of some activities to afford a private room. To each his way of traveling! Fortunately, we do not travel the same way … I offer you today 5 other ways to save on travel to reduce costs or even pocket a few cents on your journeys.

5 ways to save money or save on travel

Rent your home on Airbnb to save on travel

On this blog, I speak very often of the rentals that I do on Airbnb. It was the bus for example during my trip to Thailand, during my last trip to New York, or during my city ​​trip to London with friends. I was never disappointed. Moreover, I explain all the reasons why you must rent an apartment on a trip in this mini-guide on Airbnb.

However, I have never discussed the fact that it is possible to rent your own apartment on Airbnb to travelers. Personally, I think it would be difficult for strangers to live for a few days at home, but I know that is not the case for many people at all. If it’s not something that bothers you, why not consider it on a future trip? This could allow you to pocket money and possibly pay for your own accommodation expenses.

Surely, if you live in one of the attractive neighborhoods of a big city, it will be easier to rent your home. All you have to do is find someone you can trust to accommodate travelers during your absence.

Rent his car to other travelers leaving his car at the airport

Personally, when I go on a trip for a few weeks, I always have to plan where my car will be during my absence. Since I live in a big city, it is obviously impossible to leave it in the street during all this time unless I want to pay several fines upon my return. Also, the prices of parking at the airport for a long trip are often exorbitant … The company TravelCaroffers, in my opinion, an ideal solution of sharing economy. If you live in France, it is now possible to park your car for free in most airports in the country in exchange for renting it. If your car is rented, you will also receive an amount of money depending on the number of kilometers traveled by the traveler. If on the contrary, it is not rented, your parking remains free and you have nothing to pay when you return.

Keeping the animals of a local and enjoy free housing

If you’re like me, in love with little balls of hair, Trusted Housesitters is for you. I still have not had the chance to try it, but it’s clearly on my to-do list. Trusted Housesitters is a site that connects travelers with pets and goes on a trip with other travelers who want to be housed for free while taking care of the animal. There is however a price of membership in order to be able to contact the advertisers. The rate is $ 130 per year, which is not given I agree. On the other hand, if you travel a lot over long periods of time, this can easily be worth the expense.

Make an exchange of houses

Before discovering Guest to Guest, I thought that home exchange was possible only if it was directly between two people. It seems to me that it must be particularly difficult to find someone at the end of the world who wants to travel on the same dates and especially who wants his trip to be in our own city. The Guest to Guest Exchange offers a formula that makes it a lot easier. It is now possible to exchange your house through Guest Points indirectly. Say you live in Montreal, you can rent accommodation in Paris and the person who lives in Paris can decide to travel to Budapest. Upon registration, you get 500 starting points to start traveling, even before you put your home available for rent. Most apartments for rent are on average 120 points per night. This gives you the opportunity to sleep at least 4 nights for free on your next trip.

Work in exchange for lodging and food with Workaway

If you have a few hours a day to give, Workaway can be a good option. The site connects hosts who need a hand in their activities with travelers ready to work in exchange for a bed and meals. There are all kinds of Workaway. For example, you could help at an animal shelter in Guatemala where you can find English lessons for a Vietnamese girl in Hanoi. It all depends on what you are looking for and, more importantly, how much time you have to invest. This can be a great way to travel long-term without spending too much money.