These are fashion accessories that we always forget when traveling

Are you going on a trip? Sure, you will pack your suitcase depending on the destination and the season. But have you thought about these fashion accessories that accompany us every day, and yet, we forget all the time to pack? We have them so much at hand at home that we seem to be able to do without, and yet! To not find you with ten copies because you buy one for each new stay, here is a small non-exhaustive list of accessories not to forget when traveling.


It seems trivial, because we often think that we will have them on the nose at the time of departure. And yet! A departure a day a little gray, or very early in the morning, and paf, your sunglasses have remained on the table in the dining room. It will be necessary to buy it at the airport or on the spot … which can be very painful if you are short-sighted and that your glasses are just made to your sight. So to avoid disappointment, think about slipping in your purse or your cabin luggage the day before leaving, you will come out if the sun is too bright.

The umbrella

Oh yes! A great classic of the forgotten of the trip! Whether you’re heading for the sweet and rainy London, or for a more tropical destination, you might be welcomed by a cold shower or by the rays of the hot sun of the islands. A nice little folding and solid umbrella will not take up space in a suitcase, and it will be very useful once there. Remember to store it in your hold baggage if you fly, it will not be accepted in cabin baggage. This will save you from buying a cheap umbrella on a tourist market and regretting it at the first gust of wind that will return it!


Another classic! As you intend to use it the morning of departure, you left it in her cup near your sink … and she stayed there, with her toothpaste. Convenient, as you will discover once arrived at the hotel or in your cottage! If in addition you have arrived in the evening, or a weekend, there is a good chance that local shops are closed.

Either you had an intuition, and you had time to buy one at the airport shop … or you’re good at getting your teeth dirty. If you cannot bear a day or two without being able to wash your teeth, try storing your toothbrush in the suitcase or carry-on bag just after your morning brushing, even if it is not quite dry yet. , never mind!

Of course, it works for children too!

Sandals or flip-flops

To avoid getting into public transport or escalators, and even less if you have to run because you’re late, you’ve probably put on your trainers to get to the airport or train station. Once in two, by opening your suitcase to your destination,  you discover that you have forgotten your sandals or flip flops in which you were preparing to relax on the beach … and you have to buy from a local hawker.

Unless you always want to bring a pair of cheap plastic flip flops from each of your resorts, just slip them into the back of your suitcase … or in your cabin baggage, wrapped in a bag. plastic: you will surely be delighted to relax your toes once in flight, especially if you have for several hours!

It is sometimes the little things of everyday life that we forget most often in the rush of travel. Keep a cool head and enjoy your stay peacefully!