Things to avoid when traveling

Traveling is a real pleasure. This allows us to discover other cities, other countries, other cultures … To summarize this brings us a lot. On the other hand, there are things you can not do to avoid clumsiness, mistakes and other mishaps. It can happen to us during a trip to waste money, waste time or miss things.

And since we talk more often about what to do and see, I thought it would be interesting to list things to avoid. These are not necessarily things we think about, but who can really be wise to know.

5 things you should not do when traveling

Do not bring cash

Do not take money in cash is pay by card and therefore pay fees to his bank. And depending on where you are, the fees can be very high. So obviously this problem does not arise in all banks, the BNP, for example, I do not pay. A friend to farm credit though. Before leaving, check with your bank. If no fee is levied it’s great, otherwise, think of removing the species!

Do not take insurance

You never know what can happen, which is why I think it is really essential to take out insurance. Even if you think you do not need it, you can not know the future. You can break your drone or camera, sprain you … The possible causes are endless. And traveling without insurance is a very risky bet.

When I go on a trip I always take travel insurance. I prefer to be protected if something ever happens to me. Because if it is not the case I risk losing hundreds or even thousands of euros in case of an incident.

Eat-in a nearby restaurant a very touristy place

That’s something I learned very quickly. Restaurants near tourist spots sell you dishes at double the price for poor quality. The best way to taste the gastronomy of the country and eat well is to do a minimum of research.

You have known sites like Yelp but can also do according to blog or youtube channel. If you are adventurous choose at random, otherwise ask directly to your hotel. In general, the receptionists inform the best restaurants in the area.

Exchange money at the airport

In most cases, the fees are very high. I would personally recommend exchanging on the spot rather than in France for example. Each time, I noticed that the price was more interesting abroad. Most hotels also give you the opportunity to exchange your currency which can be safer. Otherwise, do not hesitate to go to a bank, but do not change anywhere. And even less in the street. It seems like a matter of common sense but I have already seen people do it. This is the best way to get ripped off!

Do not book at the right time

To book too early is to take the risk of paying very expensive and book at the last minute is to take the risk of not finding interesting offers … It is important to find the right balance and personally I would recommend booking 2 at 5 months before the date . Especially for airline tickets, because this is the period when companies secure sales. Once your plane tickets in your pocket, book the hotel quickly. Generally, the sooner you go, at the best prices, you will find a room. Do not risk waiting until the last moment, especially if you are leaving in high season!