10 disgusting things couples do secretly

To love the other is to put yourself in danger. It is to hold the basin to him when he vomits, it is to depilate the hairs of the back, it is to speak to him freely of his rules … In short, it is to make disgusting tricks and to appreciate the thing. Love is beautiful.

1 / Removing each other’s blackheads …

And other white buttons. It is both extremely yucky and fabulously satisfying.

2 / Keep the bathroom door open

When you’re in the middle of an important conversation with your partner, why shut the door in your face? Relieving your bladder in the company of the other is proof that you have reached the ultimate in comfort in your relationship. Please note, we are only talking about the small commission, eh.

3 / sniff the armpits of the other

Your man has sweated and he is afraid of feeling like line 13 of the Paris metro. Full of devotion, you therefore approach her armpits to verify what it is. If it’s not love, right?

4 / Take care of the other in case of gastro

Finally, it doesn’t matter which side it comes from. By taking care (cleaning) of your sweet half like a mother hen, you have just sealed your love.

5 / depilate the other

We have not fully committed to our loved one until we have gone hunting for hair behind our back.

6 / Share a chewing gum

Disgusting but very practical when there is only one left (even more practical after an aioli).

7 / Rotate in front of the other

Well, here we reach the heights of anti-glamor. But that’s also love: belching gas trapped in the digestive tract by the mouth without raising an eyebrow on the one who shares our life.

8 / pee in the shower with the other’s approval

Of course, it must first be discussed. We do not urinate in the shower in secret and above all, we never ever cross the limit: pee in the shower WITH the other. Do not abuse it anyway.

9 / Talking freely about the rules

When you suffer several days a month every month, it’s normal to want to share what you feel. And then if you can’t talk to your other half about your burning ovaries, your flow that nothing seems to stop and your intestines twisting, then who will listen to you? (Your mother is not an acceptable answer).

10 / Talk more freely about poop

Being able to say to the one who shares our life: “Come out of the bathroom, I have to poop” is the ultimate proof that we are living a wonderful love story. A bit cracra certainly, but a love story in which we feel good.