Attracted Man (13 Signs He Wants Something More)

Many women wonder: Is this man attracted to me?

What few of them know is that there are clear signs of when a man is really interested in them.

Here are some signs that a man is attracted to you.

13 signs a man is attracted to you

1. He makes a lot of eye contact

If you always catch him looking in your direction.

For example, if you’re chatting in a group and he’s always looking to see your reaction, that could be a good sign.

Intense eye contact can be a subtle sign that he’s into you unless he’s making Jason Mantzoukas crazy eyes.

If you notice, hold his gaze a little longer and meet him with a smile.

2. He licks his lips

If you see him licking his lips around you, it could mean he’s feeling physical chemistry. Or he just ate.

According to a 2019 Psychology Today post, when you’re physically interested in someone, your tongue can become more active and lead to more lip-licking.

3. He touches you

We’re not talking about a “Scary DJ with Taylor Swift” moment. But sitting next to him so your legs are touching, rubbing his arm, patting him, choreographing a Parent Trap-style handshake … all of these can be a sign that this man is attracted to you.

4. He mirrors you

If he’s moving his body in sync with yours, it means he’s subconsciously connecting with you. If he’s copying everything you do and he’s wearing a striped shirt, beret, and white gloves, he’s not your man; he is a mime.

5. his voice gets deeper

If his voice started with Mike Tyson and dropped to James Earl Jones, it could mean he’s trying to impress you.

According to a 2013 study, women tend to prefer deeper voices and a man unconsciously deepens his voice when he is physically attracted to a woman. Now, his desire to play Darth Vader finally makes sense.

6. His eyes dilate

The biggest signs of physical attraction can be hard to see from the outside: his heart rate goes up, he gets butterflies in his stomach, and he has an erection cleverly hidden out of sight.

Researchers at the University of Kent found that “pupil dilation is an indicator of an observer’s physical interest in other people.”

7. His wardrobe improves

If there’s a big change in fashion after you start dating, he might be trying to impress you. At last week’s happy hour, he was wearing a cargo shirt and shorts. Today he’s wearing a real shirt and pants with a fair number of pockets.

8. He shows off

Showing off is his way of getting you noticed and proving he’s a worthy candidate. So if at first, he is continually bragging about his accomplishments, realize that this is probably his attempt at a mating dance.

9. He texts first

Some men are terrible at texting. If he’s continuing the conversation by responding quickly and asking questions about you, it’s probably because he’s interested.

10. He praises you

We’re talking about the ones that are specific to you. While “You’re beautiful” could be for anyone, “I like how your vintage 1998 Spiceworld Tour t-shirt matches your nails that spell out SPICE GIRLS,” is something exclusive just for you.

11. He asks real questions

If he asks you questions to really get to know you, not just generic things like “Do you like dogs?” – this could be a sign that he wants to meet you!

But if those questions tend to subjects like your first dog’s name, the street you grew up on, and your mom’s maiden name… you’ve ended up on your mom’s Facebook account again.

12. He offers to help

If he offers to install a shelf for you, he’s showing you that he’ll be ready to install your solar panels that will be used to power your isolated property, where you’ll of course have 13 kids and drive an ice cream truck…

13. He asks you out

If he asks you out on a date, there‘s a chance that he’s potentially, probably, attracted to you. Possibly.