Should I separate, even though I still feel love?

If you look at your partner, you know exactly: if it weren’t for all this, we could be very happy. But is that what you really expect in a truly fulfilling relationship? The pure thought of potential happiness? The romantic in you may just be hoping that love can conquer all in the end. But in some cases, separation occurs despite love, which is usually best for both partners.

In such situations, the relationship can no longer be saved, even through deep feelings. A separation out of reason is a painful path paved with many obstacles – your own feelings are initially the biggest obstacle. But when should you admit that the relationship should end better?

1.  If the foundation of  trust is  destroyed, a breakup makes sense despite the love

Trust is the basis of every human relationship. This doesn’t just apply to love – but it’s indispensable to love. If the foundation of trust breaks down, a healthy partnership cannot simply continue to exist. In such cases, it helps many couples to talk.

But when open communication is impossible, the chances of a happy relationship are more than bad and a breakup, although one loves the other, becomes more conscious. It doesn’t always have to be the classic adventure that ushers in the inevitable end of mutual trust.

A sensible breakup happens when your partner talks badly about you.

If you’ve noticed that your partner is badmouthing you behind your back, is disloyal, or has violated your trust in other ways, you can’t go on like this. Even though it is painful to go through the stages of homesickness, you have to make a difficult decision.

To do this, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. Can I forgive my partner from the bottom of my heart?
  2. Is my partner ready to see the mistake and fight for the relationship?

If both are unwilling to make these concessions, separation is inevitable, despite their feelings for each other. Because the resulting mistrust will slowly but surely poison the partnership.

2. Separation Despite Love: Do you love more than you are loved?

When you wake up, you can’t help but think about the person next to you. Every time you look at your loved one and say “I love you”, your heart seems to explode. But more and more you get the gloomy feeling that you are investing much more in the relationship than you are in your partner.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider breaking up despite love. Because a relationship is not just based on trust, but also on a healthy balance. Many people believe that their partner will love them the same way at some point – but this is mostly wishful thinking.

If there is an imbalance of feelings, no one will be happy.

Neither the lover nor the beloved can find happiness in an unbalanced partnership. Even though it is good to be loved, this feeling is not enough for a person to be completely satisfied. Subliminally, you will always be looking for someone who suits you even better. This relationship is also difficult for the lover and depletes self-esteem. There is always the fear of not being good enough and having to try harder. If there is an unhealthy imbalance between the partners, a loving breakup is sometimes the best course of action for all involved.

Tip:  If you’re the one you love the most, there’s one thing you should ask yourself: is this what I’m worth to me?

At the end of the day, everyone decides for themselves what life they want to lead. The step towards separation despite love is painful, but this difficult path also offers the chance for a happier future. Find a partner who loves you as equals and equals.

3. Separation because violence is involved

When your partner raises his hand to you, it has nothing to do with love. Don’t defend the other, it’s never up to you if the other is violent! A separation despite love must be initiated quickly in this case. Although it’s actually not possible to talk about love here. It is often emotional dependency that we must free ourselves from as quickly as possible.

4. If the desire to have children is not fulfilled, is it reasonable to separate without reason?

Another relationship killer for a deliberately chosen breakup despite love is different life plans. Especially if you get to know each other very early, it can happen over time that couples face each other and no longer have the same goals. In particular, a one-sided desire to have children can lead to the end of the relationship.

Neither side is helped if one of the two gives in out of love. If a person is not yet ready or usually excludes offspring and is still involved with children, love is as poisoned by reproaches and guilt feelings as it is by the other’s disappointing dreams. Also: As parents, you are no longer only responsible for your partnership, but also for your child’s family and loving growth. If the base is not correct, the offspring will also notice it and it could have consequences.

5. Separation Despite Love: Is a Long Distance Relationship Doomed?

A long-distance relationship is also often a real stress test for couples, which can lead to separation despite strong feelings for each other – even if both of you love each other. Some people need their partner’s presence more than others, and without it, they become increasingly unhappy. Trust and jealousy also play crucial roles here.

Neither side should be held responsible for this. For some, distance is easier to control than for others. If one or both cannot handle a long-distance relationship, unfortunately, a line is inevitable.

6. Temporary separation for no reason: can reconciliation work?

Often, despite love, a rational separation is carried out by both partners with a gap: the opportunity to get back together after a break. While the distance from each other can actually save the relationship in some cases, the return often comes from fear or self-deception. Under these conditions, a second attempt is doomed to failure.

Whether this can work again after a breakup, even if you love each other, also depends on how you broke up. If a relationship ended with mutual consent and no resentment, people can meet again after a break – if the love is strong enough.

Conclusion: A Separation Despite Love Offers New Opportunities

Breaking up is painful in most cases, but when love is still involved, it can feel almost unbearable at first. In addition, other factors play a decisive role in preventing someone from deciding to separate despite love:

  • separation anxiety
  • Fear of hurting the other
  • Afraid of regretting the breakup later

Important:  Always talk openly with your partner about your own feelings. Because love can still be saved.

However, if all efforts do not bear fruit, you should slowly admit to yourself that a breakup is inevitable for your future happiness in love. Because even if fear and pain initially predominate in a breakup, despite your feelings for each other, you should always keep one thing in mind: the end of an unhappy relationship can be a fresh start after the breakup and herald a new love. A love that includes a partnership with mutual respect, fidelity, and loyalty and in which both are happy.