Top 5 reasons why a woman leaves a man

The reasons given by women for breaking up are not necessarily the same as those of men. Here are the top 5 reasons why a woman leaves a man. 

1 – She has no (or more) feelings 

Usually, when a woman leaves a man, it is because she no longer has feelings for him at all. If she is at the beginning of a relationship and she cannot get attached or project herself, she will rather end the relationship than continue a story that will not take off from a sentimental point of view.

2 – she was deceived 

If some women choose to give their spouse a second chance after an infidelity, others cannot condone it. They, therefore, prefer to end the relationship.

3 – her partner is not involved enough

Many women complain about their man’s lack of involvement, whether in their relationship, with children, in household chores or in everyday life, quite simply. They feel like they have to do everything on their own and after a while, they can’t take it anymore …


4 – she feels alone 

There is nothing worse than being alone in a relationship. When we have the impression of having to manage everything alone, that it is us who always take the initiatives and that he never takes steps towards us, we end up cracking. Because a couple is built for two and it is also for two!

5 – she no longer feels wanted 

Every woman needs to feel loved, wanted. She appreciates the compliments on her outfit, her beauty, her elegance. She also likes that her companion surprises her and makes love to her. On a daily basis, she needs little attentions and if she does not receive them, she will be frustrated. Sooner or later she will leave this man to find in another what she needs.