What to do to conquer a woman?

If you do not know what to do to conquer a woman, you should stop reflecting on yourself and your relationship with girls.

The essential thing to progress your relationship with women is that you change your attitude. To put it in short, your attitude has to be that of a man.

What do women want to say when they say they really want a man? What they mean is that they seek a man without insecurities or complexes. You have in you the potential to attract and conquer any woman, so don’t waste your time and start using it.

If you want to develop the potential in yourself to attract and conquer girls, follow these 3 tips to conquer girls.

  • Take the initiative. If you do not know what to do to conquer a woman, the first thing would be to take the initiative. The girls wait for the man to direct how the relationship develops. They consciously accept a passive role and generally do not approach any man, although they are attracted to him. So, if you don’t know what to do to win a woman over, the answer is simple: run the relationship solidly and gently in unison. Don’t ask a girl where they want to eat. Take into consideration what she likes and take her to a place where the food can please her.
  • Never clearly state that you want a physical relationship. Never verbally express your intention of it with a woman, because in that way you talk to her rational part. If you do that, she probably won’t agree even if she wants to. Remember that women are highly sensitive to the social consequences of their actions. Although she wants to, she is not going to do it if it is going to make her feel like anybody. You want to create a situation that allows the girl to relax and willing to do it.
  • Have a seductive anatomical language. Your posture and all your gestures should suggest that you are a confident man, without being invasive. The idea is that you communicate with the woman on a deeper and more sensitive level, not on her logical level. If you project with confidence and strength, women are going to be attracted to you.