Healthy skin through good nutrition

Healthy skin really starts from the inside with good nutrition, although the cosmetic industry produces billions of products for skin and facial care.

Your skin is the mirror of your health. All kinds of skin problems such as acne, redness, dry skin or oily skin are often the result of a bad diet.

Do you want healthy skin? You really need to get enough essential nutrients, such as vitamins A and C and zinc, and avoid certain nutrients, such as fats (animal) and excess protein.

Healthy skin with good nutrition: Tips

Take advantage of the following tips and before you know it, you will have healthy, radiant skin and look ten years younger!

1. Drink enough

It can not be said often enough, but it is essential to have enough fluid a day for your health and for healthy skin. Alcohol has a negative influence on your fluid balance by extracting fluid from your body.

2. Provide enough omega 3 and 9 fats

Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids work wonders for your skin. This is because cell membranes are formed by these essential fatty acids and a shortage of them causes dry skin.

Good sources of omega 3 and 9 are flaxseed oil, olive oil and oily fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines and salmon.

3. Vegetables and fruits

To get enough vitamins A and C and zinc, it is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits every day. Vitamin A affects the keratin of the skin and prevents your skin from becoming dry and thin.

If you smoke, you do well to take extra vitamin C, in the form of a supplement. Finally, zinc influences the formation of skin cells. Cereals, nuts, seeds and legumes are rich in zinc.

4. Sports and sauna

Sports promotes blood circulation and ensures that your skin is supplied with oxygen and the waste is eliminated. A visit to the sauna or a steam bath has the same effect. The heat widens the blood vessels and opens the open pores. This ensures good blood circulation for the deepest tissues.

We said that healthy skin starts on the inside with good nutrition, that’s not all! Your skin is the only “organ” you can take care of outdoors. This should be done daily with preferably natural skincare products that match your skin type.