Give yourself courage


And then I must say that before I did not know too much these moments of “low” where the doubt, the fear, the stress take hold of us, like small ghosts which whirl over our head without stopping …

So yes we have to accept them, because we are human and that’s how they will go too. As I said on my Instagram account a few days ago, it is by living these unpleasant emotions that more joyful emotions can come back later, everything is a question of (dis) equilibrium

But we must not let them take control and take us into a vicious circle.

In those moments of life where you have the sensation of being in the midst of the deluge, you also have to succeed in giving yourself courage by keeping your feet on the ground because of the slightest, above the clouds, as black and rainy. be they, there is always the sun. (#Momentbisounours)

For me, it’s about relativity, seeing the little joys of everyday life and continuing to take time for yourself. This is also what I try to share on Instagram with Instagram, it forces me to look for and enjoy these moments while sharing a little positivity!

Giving yourself courage also means focusing on those dreams. Because what we can say is that the present moment is the most important, without dreams, without envy and without hope it does not serve much …

So today I decided to share with you my dreams for the next few months, which awaits me once the storm is over and gives me the courage to continue. I hope they will give you ideas and prove to you that you have to hang on to these small things to keep hope, to be courageous and to find the strength to continue.

  • Discover freedom. For the first time in my life, I would be totally free, without constraint, without obligation, nothing that connects me anywhere. Just the desire to live thoroughly, listen to my intuition and follow my heart.
    I will leave behind years of schooling, a salaried job that did not suit me, a city in which I did not feel at home. I will also leave incredible people and beautiful memories but I feel deep inside me that this wind of freedom will free me from many things … To  (finally) allow me to realize my dreams.
  • Continue to grow the blog, that this universe dedicated to the well-being, the love of oneself and the positivity touches more and more people. Because it’s a good thing, it’s also why we write, to make an impact, to try to improve the lives of those who read us or at least offer them a little parenthesis of sweetness…
  • To throw myself into the heart of entrepreneurship. I really want to make this little cocoon Peach & Eglantine something bigger. I love this blog and my articles from the bottom of my heart but if I want to succeed in living and not depend on brands I will have to find a way to make a living while impacting yours with “real products”. I do not really know what form it will take: ebooks, programs, conferences … Anything is possible! And besides, if you have the desires of subjects that I could treat, tell me !!
  • Helping women suffering because of their thinness/thinness to get by. This project that animates me for almost a year now remains, of course, a priority for me! I have lots of ideas on the subject and already some partners with whom to develop all this and I can not wait to dive into it!
  • Start new courses in areas that fascinate me. Yes, I will hardly finish training that I already think about the future … Learning is a way of growing, marveling and arousing curiosity. I think it is important to continue to train throughout his life, especially for me because it will allow me to deepen my knowledge and to bring you even more concrete and relevant things! So I’m thinking of yoga training, coaching, psychology, digital marketing, ethics … We’ll see
  • Move to start this new life, go where my heart will take me. I have obligations that keep me on the spot until August but from that date, I intend to pack up and go on an adventure. The only question is still to know where … I already told you about Insta (by the way thank you for all your answers!) But I hesitate between Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille … I do not necessarily seek a Huge city, just a place at once calm, relaxing but also open and dynamic level entrepreneurship!

So much for my small dreams that I think every day and that gives me courage. Those are the ones who give me the strength to continue, allow me to keep my head out of the water and get up every morning knowing that in a few weeks (months …), the storm will pass and these dreams will become little by little reality…