How to empty one’s head?

How to empty one’s head? Am I the only one to ask this question? Because personally I often feel that there is a hell of a mess up there and I often had a hard time getting things back in order … And then as I discovered techniques to empty my mind, soothe my mind and breathe a little. 

As I just left my job to start entrepreneurship and I move in a few days, the feeling of being totally lost in front of a mountain of things to do and thoughts has returned … So I decided to share with you all the tricks I put in place to clear the head and get ahead without being blocked. 

To empty your head by writing

One of the most powerful techniques for emptying one’s head is writing. A simple paper with a pencil of paper gives you the power to discharge your thoughts and soothe your mind in just a few minutes. It has even been scientifically proven that writing down one’s worries, questioning, or simply everything one needs to do can free one’s mind.

For my part, I have notebooks in all the rooms of my apartment and as soon as I have an idea I note it in it. If it happens in the street I use the notes app on my phone but I must admit that it is less effective than writing it on paper, and then I often forget to look at what I have written… 

Because of course doing this requires taking stock from time to time (every Sunday for example) on everything is written. I also advise you to use a pen 4 colors and dedicate each color to a “type” of different thinking: home, work, personal, administrative … 

Free the mind through speech 

We can not repeat it enough: communication is the key! Even as for his relationship … with himself! The fact of putting loud words on one’s worries or questions makes it possible to free oneself but also to feel supported and accompanied by others (provided of course to speak with a caring and motivating person).

Draining your head while talking with someone is especially helpful when we are stuck or we can not understand something. Often when we worry about something, we make mountains as if it were an insurmountable disaster. The fact of freeing the mind by talking about it also makes it possible to put things into perspective and take a step back. Just to say it aloud can make you realize that what you think makes little sense. 

Vacuum through meditation

If you are already practicing meditation, you know how useful this technique is to empty your mind and leave with serene thoughts. Meditation can seem complicated, even painful or inaccessible at first, but I assure you that as and when the benefits are huge! Meditation allows you to sort through your thoughts, to see what is really important or not. This state of consciousness also often brings solutions that come to us naturally and that we would not have found by dint of having the head on the handlebars … 

To be quite honest I still have trouble doing it and sometimes a yoga session on a soothing mat with a soft atmosphere around me (with candles and plants) also frees me very well. mind when what’s bothering me is really not important. 

Doing this work on you may take a little time but it really helps to empty the mind. And if you want to start, I made you a whole article to begin the meditation at home, so you have no more excuse to start!