How to sterilize baby bottles

Hot water and soap

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before starting to use baby bottles. Clean all parts with hot, soapy water using a special brush until it reaches the stains in the tight spaces to ensure thorough cleaning and afterward completion of the meal. Baby bottles can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but they still need to be sterilized because temperatures are not enough.

Coldwater solution

The bottle can be sterilized with a cold water solution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in detail by following these steps:

  • Place the bottle and cut it into the sterilization solution, taking care not to leave any air bubbles inside.
  • Use the cap to keep all the pieces of the bottle under the solution.
  • Leave the bottle pieces in the solution for at least thirty minutes.
  • Change the sterilization solution within 24 hours.

Steam sterilization

There are many types of bottle sterilizers, and you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to use them, as follows:

  • Place the bottle and all its parts in the sterilizer, making sure that the holes are pointing downwards.
  • If the sterilized vial is not used directly, you must know the company’s guidelines and how long it can remain before re-sterilization.

Sterilization under pressure

Bottles can be sterilized with a pressure cooker. To do this, simply place all the pieces of the bottle in the pressure cooker, add a glass of water and then squeeze it for a few minutes or as needed. All pieces will be clean and ready to use. It is also a fast and special way for those who do not have enough time to clean the bottles of their children permanently.

Microwave sterilization

Microwave sterilization is a quick and easy method because it only takes 90 seconds. When using this method, be careful not to leave the bottles closed; The bottle remains sterile for three hours if the lid remains closed.