10 questions to ask and find out if your man loves you or is just playing

How to know if he is in love with me or is he just playing? A man can be very insecure or perhaps very cunning, so you have to find out if your man loves you or is just playing. If he is very macho, he will want to play a very individualistic role even though he loves you and that can confuse you.

If you are not completely sure of your boyfriend’s love, observe his body language. For many men showing their feelings is a sign of weakness. Therefore, if he is a macho, it will be difficult for him to be especially loving to you even though he loves you.

How can I know if he is in love or playing with me? When a man really loves you, he will show you somehow. If it is not very expressive you will have to scoop it out. For example, the following questions will help you a lot.

With these questions, you will know if your man loves you or is just playing

How to check if a man really loves you? For a woman in love, the real feelings of her man are very important. So if you are dying of curiosity to know if the man you love feels the same way about you, ask him these questions.

Is he in love or does he play with me? By the way, he responds you will realize. Above all, keep in mind what their attitude says. It is important that you be consistent, that is, that you not only say it but also show it with your attitude.

1.- Are you really sure that you love me?

When a man truly loves you, he feels secure in his feelings. Therefore, with this basic question, he will not delay or hesitate to answer you. He will tell you that yes, you will see it in his eyes, his attitude will do something to show you.

If he responds silently, changes the subject, avoids it, or looks at you in surprise, he may not love you. This question does not define if your man loves you or is just playing, as he may be playing strong.

2.- Have you ever thought about whether you would like to get married one day?

When a man loves you how does he show it? For your commitment to your feelings. If he really loves you, he will always want to be with you and that implies marriage. But if he answers that he is not sure, that he does not know, that “maybe”, it is clear that he does not feel sufficiently in love with you.

To know if he is in love or is playing with me … Let these questions not be like an interrogation, but a way to improve your relationship. Something better than if your man loves you or is just playing is to build the love you want, starting with your self-esteem.

3.- Can you imagine what your life will be like in five years?

If he loves you and wants to have you in his life, you will be part of everything he imagines in the future. Therefore, one way to know if a man is playing games with you is to know what he thinks of the future. Are you in his projects and does he give you a place in his future? If he loves you, he will not hesitate to include you.

By asking this question also share with him how you envision your future. Although it makes you happy to have it, your happiness does not depend on it, but on what you can do for yourself.

4.- Do you know what your parents think of me?

Telling you about his parents is a way of knowing if your man loves you or is just playing. That he takes you to meet them is a favorable sign of the seriousness of his love. But the most important thing, if he’s in love or playing with me … is what his parents think of you.

The clarity with which he answers this question, even if it is not favorable, indicates that he loves you. Parents are not always going to agree, but what matters is the feeling of your man.

5.- Do you like children, how many children would you like to have?

A man loves you when he thinks of a family with you. The nature of every person is to form a family. But if he imagines you how the mother of his children will smile, his face will light up. You may not have thought about it yet, but if you love the idea, it will hug you.

On the other hand, if he reacts as if you were talking about your fantasies and he does not give it importance, it is clear that he is not so in love.

6.- And now what happens, did you get mad at me, or what is it?

Finding out if your man loves you or is just playing doesn’t have to be a one-time task. Take your time, be timely to ask your questions. If the conversation does not go that way, change the subject, what matters is that your relationship improves with your attitude now.

Yes, I know you are very curious to know if he is in love or playing with me … When he gets upset by your questions, it means two things. That he doesn’t love you and that you are probably doing very little for your relationship.

If he is comfortable with your questions, he obviously loves you, but it is not enough. Your own love is needed and there you alone are responsible.

7.- Imagine a trip for the two of you, where would you like to go?

How to know if she is in love with me or is she just playing? When a man loves you he truly follows you in your greatest dreams and aspirations. He wants to progress by your side and he wants you to progress with what you love to do. If he is macho, he may see you taking over the house, but it is still positive.

If he expands on the subject of traveling with you, it is clear that he loves you. Nobody wants to go on a hobby trip with someone who is not important in their life.

8.- Do you want me to go with you to that special party?

We all have a very special party. Your parent’s wedding anniversary, college graduation party, etc. Who are you taking to that special event? If he gives you the obvious place he considers you, but if he evades the answer, you know.

Keeping track of whether your man loves you or is just playing is a daily chore. Love is built between the two of you, don’t expect him to be responsible for everything.

9.- How was your job today, can you tell me?

A man who truly loves you makes you part of his life, he trusts you with his successes and failures. If he answers you with a short “fine, thank you”, he is speaking to you as a courtesy, as to anyone. But if he elaborates on details, if he confides his intimate thoughts to you, it is clear that he loves you.

10.- Do you like how I look at the moment or what should I change?

You may not have arranged much, but if he tells you that you are beautiful and kisses you, rejoice. A man who loves is not interested in appearances, he wants you by his side. If what you want is to be next to the person you are, the spirit that you are will not care how you look.

That does not mean that you are free to neglect yourself. No woman, and where would your self-esteem and your desire to progress? Learn to be happy by yourself, with him or without him. Your happiness does not depend on what he does, it depends on how you build your inner world.

I hope these questions help you know if your man loves you or is just playing games . But remember, the most important thing to know about him, is he in love or plays with me … is to know about you. You love yourself or you are playing with your self-esteem.