10 tips to keep a guy

That’s it, you have finally found the perfect fit! The thing is, seducing a guy is easy. Keeping it is another story. So, to make sure you get over the first few months and get him hooked, follow these 10 tips.

1 – We let him breathe

If you spend your time asking him to reassure you, bombarding her with text messages, asking him where he is, with whom, why he hasn’t called, why he doesn’t spend all his evenings with you you will scare him away for sure. Never suffocate a man, do not run after him, this is the best way to lose him! If you let him live his life the way he wants, he’ll want to come back to you all the more, believe it.

2 – We focus on ourselves

There is nothing s**xier for a man than a woman with a busy life, friends, passions. Focus on your goals, your professional ambitions. Show him that you have a full agenda and that he’ll have to fight for you to make room for him.

3 – Let him come

Men have a hunting instinct. They like to fight to win, which is why they play sports. In a relationship, it is very important to give the man his role, his virility. If you try to control him, to want to impose things on him, he will flee. So, let him come at his own pace!

4 – We trust him

“Are you sure you were with Jerem last night?” “,” Who is this girl you added? “,” Do you love me for real? Frankly, put yourself in his shoes for two minutes. How would you react if he pestered you with questions like that? There is no worse love kill. So trust him, your relationship will only be better!

5 – we stay s**xy

Over time, we tend to let go, to think “anyway, he’s in love with me, it’s in the pocket, no need to make any effort”. Big mistake! It is always necessary to maintain a relationship of seduction to prevent the flame from flickering. Continue to look good, take care of yourself, your appearance, and your body.

6 – We maintain the bond

It is crucial to continue to maintain the bond within your couple. Every day, build new memories for yourself. Laugh, sing, dance, cultivate your happiness. Love continues day by day, so make an effort.

7 – We don’t put pressure on him

The more you try to force someone to do something, the less they want to. This reaction is simply human. So, don’t put the knife to her throat with “are we really together?” “,” When do I move in with you? “,” I would like to know how many children you want, so that I don’t waste my time. Unless you want to see him take his legs around his neck …

8 – We communicate

Communication is essential in a couple. You have to talk about what is right and what is wrong, both emotionally and s**xually. By talking regularly with your partner, you will maintain the bond that made you get together.

9 – We value him

A man needs to be admired. It is not a question of drooling over everything he does, but of encouraging him in his efforts, to point out to him when he is well dressed, that he is doing something right.

10 – We do not expect too much from him

If you show him that you expect too much or even everything from him, he may give you a sentence like “I do not feel up to making you happy, you expect too much. me and that makes me uncomfortable ”. And we understand it! There is nothing heavier than feeling like you are the center of a person’s world. So if you need a lot of the attention, give it to yourself.