10 ways to get out of a bad relationship

There are times when you may find yourself in a relationship that is unhealthy and makes you feel more miserable than it makes you happy. You know in your heart that the relationship is bad for you, but you still find yourself holding on to it. Ending a bad relationship and becoming independent is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you and your partner are always fighting, it is highly unlikely that it will have a happy ending. Leaving the relationship with your dignity still in place and being positive about the future is the best you can hope to have in the end. You deserve to be loved and if your partner is not giving it to you, then you should look elsewhere. Avoid being codependent. Here are some of the ways you can get out of a bad relationship and become codependent.

1. Never settle for a bad relationship

You’ve been in a lot of relationships, none of which worked, and you’re tired of it. So you decide to stay in the bad relationship you are in, no matter how unhealthy it may be. This is the wrong thing to do. You should not stay in a bad relationship with a narcissist or controlling person simply because you are tired of ending relationships. Think of yourself because you deserve nothing but the best. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who makes you happy, loves you for who you are, and lifts your spirits on your worst days. You are beautiful inside and out and you need to be in a relationship with someone who appreciates you. Remember that there is someone out there waiting for you.

2. Be honest with yourself

To get out of a bad relationship, you must first be honest with yourself. You must ask yourself if you are unhappy with the relationship. If the answer is yes, then you should know that it is time to get out of the unhealthy relationship. Also, being codependent is the worst-case scenario and you have to act together and walk away. If your partner is a narcissist or controlling person, don’t lie to yourself that you can change him. Narcissists will never put other people before them and a controlling person will never want to be controlled. So, get out of that bad relationship and stop hurting yourself. You should never sacrifice your happiness for anyone.

3. Keep a record

If you’re not sure whether you want to leave the bad relationship, start keeping track of the things in the relationship that is unhealthy and those that make you feel bad. If your partner is controlling, abusive, or narcissistic, then you deserve to leave the bad relationship. There is no point in staying in a relationship where your partner is bad for you, but he or she pretends to be good afterward. Don’t let yourself settle for less. If you are constantly unhappy in the relationship, then leave because it is bad for you. You should be in a relationship that makes you happy and that you can be proud of.


4. Don’t be afraid to be alone

This is the worst thing you can do. When you avoid ending a bad relationship because you don’t want to be alone, you are missing out on finding the right person for you. You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship simply because you want company. That is what friends are for. You must also learn to be independent and stop being codependent. Go out with your friends and have fun. Join a book club or cooking class and you will be amazed at how many new friends you will make. Enjoy being independent and getting to know yourself better. You will be surprised to learn new things about yourself and the things you want in a relationship. Leave the creases of a bad relationship and live your life. Life is too short to spend crying and being unhappy. Remember that before entering a relationship, you were alone. Therefore,

5. Don’t make excuses

The most important thing in a relationship is that you should not have an excuse for your partner’s behavior. You should never defend the wrongdoings of your partner. You must accept and admit that the way you treat him is wrong. People lie or defend their partners to their friends and family because they don’t want them to look as bad as they are. If your partner is narcissistic, abusive, or controlling, don’t make excuses or try to hide your actions. Don’t think that he or she is ever going to change. If you make excuses and stay in a bad relationship, you will only hurt yourself more. Be open about who you are and you can avoid those bad relationships in the future. If you keep making excuses for your partner, their actions will never change. Your partner will continue to treat you badly and you will not be able to escape the relationship.

6. Identify what is holding you back

All relationships, even unhealthy ones, tend to offer certain benefits. This is why you find people who are still putting up with a bad relationship instead of ending it. If you find it difficult to leave a bad relationship, you need to find out what is keeping you there. It could be that your partner still makes you feel attractive even though he or she still doesn’t respect you or if you don’t want to get out of the relationship’s comfort zone. When you know what you are getting out of the relationship, it will help you decide whether it is worth being unhappy and staying in a bad relationship. Also, don’t stay in a relationship because you are afraid that people will judge you. Remember that you are the one who suffers in the relationship. Even if your partner spreads false information about you when the bad relationship ends, don’t back down. It is his way of getting back at you;


7. Have a support system

Ending a relationship, even a bad one, is a difficult thing to do. You do not need to do this alone or you may back away from the decision. Make sure you have a strong support system from your friends and family. They will make sure you have the emotional support you need during and at the end of the bad relationship. Just reach out to them and ask for their help during a difficult time. Most likely, they already knew that you were unhappy with the bad relationship and were waiting for you to end it. They just didn’t know how to inform you and hoped that you would soon find out. We guarantee that they will provide you with the love and support you need as you progress from a bad relationship. So, take the required step to get out of the bad relationship.

8. Immerse yourself

Once you’re ready to end the bad relationship, just tell your partner directly. You should avoid breaking a text, call or email unless you are scared for your life. Do it in person so your partner can see how serious you are. Prepare for emotional outbursts and blackmail as your partner tries to prevent you from ending the relationship. Tell your partner calmly why you want to end the bad relationship. Give it time to respond. Listen to what your partner has to say, but don’t get carried away by the bad relationship. You should keep in mind that you have made your decision and you are telling your partner out of respect. As bad as it hurts, does it and gets on with your life. One day, you will be grateful for taking that step.


9. Take the time to cry

Even if it was your choice to get out of the bad relationship, just know that you will have your share of pain. Don’t keep the pent-up pain inside you. It may be too much for you and it may cause you to return to a bad relationship. So, take a few days to mourn the relationship, no matter how bad it was. Lock yourself inside, listen to music, cry, or surround yourself with people. Just do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain. Grief will help you move on and put the bad relationship in the past. You will not harbor any bad feelings towards your partner. You will be able to forgive yourself and your partner.

10. Be busy

One of the best ways to forget about a bad relationship is to get busy. Do something to keep your mind distracted. Take care of work and even bring some work home. Travel alone or with your friends. In fact, even some exhausting routines of home life, like shopping for groceries and taking out the trash, can help occupy your mind. They will keep you busy and prevent you from locking yourself in the house, which can make you feel lonely and depressed. When you’re busy, you won’t think about the bad relationship or think about going back to it. In the course of keeping busy, don’t get involved with anyone because it will be a recovery relationship. You will only try to distract yourself from the bad relationship you left. You can also find yourself in another bad relationship. You should avoid hurting the feelings of someone who really cares about you. To avoid all of this, simply avoid getting into another relationship until you are ready to do so. You don’t want to be the cause of another bad relationship. Get the wrong person out of your life. You live in a big world and the right person is waiting for you. Do not miss this opportunity because you have a bad relationship and you are afraid to go out. Take the bold step today and get out there.