11 tips to save a worn-out relationship

Hunting the screens in the bedroom, trying new activities as a couple, enjoying romantic moments … It is not because your relationship has been struggling lately that the situation is irreversible.

1- Practice activities together

Salsa lessons, cooking workshop, parachute jump, somersaults under the duvet, DIY … Doing things together will help breathe new life into your relationship through common interests and discussion topics of mutual interest to you .

2- Unplug the screens

And especially those present in your bedroom. Smartphones, computers and tablets have nothing to do under the duvet, other than creating a distance and a barrier between you and your partner. And then, there are still more fun activities to practice as a couple in a bed and much more beneficial for your sleep .

3- Set goals

Create a to-do list of the things you would like to do together and stick to it. It can be a once-a-month dinner, going to the market every Saturday morning, cooking once a week for the other (and vice versa), going to the theater or see an exhibition … And this can also include not complaining after the other for a yes or a no. The to-do list established, you will choose 2 or 3 monthly goals and make sure to carry them out.

4- Communicate

Communication is the basis of the couple , the two partners can thus tell each other what is going well, and what does not suit them. Intimate reports, quality of listening, presence, remarks … Once the cards are on the table, each will be better able to meet the expectations and needs of the other.

5- Compliment yourself

If you have both mastered the art of reproach, compliments within your couple have become a rare commodity. However, the list of things you like about the other person is probably much longer than that of their faults, or the case is serious. Let them know why you love them and ask them to do the same for you. This stream of sincere compliments will boost you both and it will rekindle the spark in your relationship.

6- Cuddle

Without necessarily going through the s e x box, hugs, massages or the simple fact of holding hands will stimulate your feelings in a simple and pleasant way.

7- Talk about your problems with outside people

You and your man may not be the best judges in your relationship. Also, talking about the problems that weigh on your couple with trusted third parties may help you to see things more objectively or, at least, from a different angle and to find solutions to which you might not necessarily have thought about. In some cases, couple therapy can also be life-saving.

8- Share household chores

If one of the two regularly bumps all the dirty work at home, it is unlikely that he will be relaxed and in love after crossing the other slump on the sofa. By hoisting yourself on the same equal footing, that is by sharing household chores , this should establish a better serenity within the couple.

9- Learn to forgive

The hard tooth bitterness? Treat yourself to a good descaling and learn to forgive (or leave for good, depending on the object of your resentment). You will be surprised to see that passing the sponge has a liberating effect for you too. The other will be affected and your couple will be able to move forward again.

11- Make an effort

You thought you could cut it, but no: without effort, a relationship that is waning cannot recover. And, before asking the other to do it, start by setting an example. At worst, you will have no regrets, at best, you will feel proud of yourself and your relationship will suffer.