12, how a woman looks at you when she likes you, discover her intentions

Do you have any idea what to do when a girl looks at you? At least smile and/or wave. You have to be gentle with women, not ignore body language. The way a woman looks at you when she likes you is always very subtle. They don’t want to expose themselves so soon.

When a woman stares into your eyes, it’s not for fun. It doesn’t matter if I look at you for a few seconds. If you like her too, smile and come over to say hello. If she really wants something with you, she will be very nice.

You can go wrong with the look of a girl, that is why it is important to approach and talk with her. If it’s just your imagination she will be distant, but if she really likes you she will give you more signals.

1.- If she looks at me smiling, she wants to attract my attention

When a girl looks at you and smiles spontaneously it is because she likes you and wants to establish a connection with you. A woman who smiles at a boy is doing her part to make something magical happen.

If with the passage of time the smiles are more and more sincere and there is confidence, he really likes you. He jokes with you, tries to touch you, stares into your eyes, etc., because he feels love for you.

2.- The way a woman looks at you when she likes you gives her away

When a woman stares into your eyes, what does it mean? A glance is not enough to say that he likes you. When a girl looks at you frequently and smiles at you, it’s something else.

A woman can look at you discreetly or openly, it all depends on her self-esteem. If she is a shy girl you may not even notice that she is looking at you but if she appears frequently it is for something.

3.- At the same time she looks at you, she plays with her hair

This is a classic way a girl looks at you when she likes you. Playing with her hair is one of the clearest indications that she is interested in you. As soon as she sees you, she fixes her hair, trying to be noticed.

What does it mean when a woman looks at you a lot? If making eye contact fixes her hair, she likes you. If his neck is exposed, it is clear that he dies for you.

4.- If she looks for a conversation just to look at you and smile, she is interested

Another way a woman looks at you when she likes you is by showing interest in having you around. He does not want the conversation to end, he smiles at you, flirts, and moves me invading your personal space.

What to do when a girl looks at you, smiles, and flirts? If you also like it, this is your chance. She has arranged herself for you and moves showing you her beauty, charms, and happiness of being by your side.

5.- She observes the common points they have

When a girl loves a man, she immediately starts looking for common ground between them. For example, she will ask you what music you like and she will say that she also likes it.

When two people have things in common, the connection improves, she will be more charming. It may be unconscious, but it works. If the conversation has a lot of “yes, me too” it is a good sign.

6.- I will try to see you and feel you more closely

When they’re chatting and he leans in a little like he wants to hear you better. How does a woman look at you when she likes you? He shows his interest in you with his body expression, he wants to have you close.

Leaning toward the other person is a natural, body language sign of interest. In the following videos, you can see the attitudes of a woman when she likes you.

7.- Change your attitude when in your presence

It is something that is very noticeable. Suddenly you appear and she changes her attitude a little or a lot. Everything happens spontaneously and is to draw your attention to it. It may even be that she doesn’t even notice.

If you do not understand or do not realize it, he will do his best to make you look at her. For example, they will become more outgoing than normal, more complacent, laugh at anything, etc.

8.- She likes you but maybe she tries to ignore you

A woman is primarily interested in a strong and good-natured man. The search for a dominant character is instinctive in a woman. By ignoring you, he challenges you to have the courage to come up and talk to him.

You show up and she pretends to ignore you. It is something that is very noticeable. She wants you to look at her and give some sign that you like her. How does a woman look at you when she likes you? Looking for your interest.

9.- A very attractive girl is looking at you and she is

What to do when a girl looks at you and smiles a lot? For example, it may be that she becomes more beautiful by highlighting her physical attributes. The least you can do is say hello, a hello does not risk anything.

Women are very discreet, they don’t want it to be obvious that they like you. But with their body language they say a lot, it is also something that they can control little.

10.- She will seek your eye contact at all times

When a girl likes a man she will always try to seek eye contact. She wants to express with her eyes how she feels about you and hopes you understand.

If he looks you in the eye when he talks and keeps his gaze a little longer than other people, you can tell that he likes you.

11.- The time she’s looking at you and smiles a lot just for you

How to know if a woman likes you when she looks at you? They are talking between several friends, all smiling but she gives you her smiles. Everyone looks at each other but she only looks at you.

For her to smile in a group of friends is normal. But if he especially smiles looking at you, it is something else. How does a woman look at you when she likes you? He smiles at you even though there is nothing funny.

12.- If you are talking together, she can get nervous

If she likes her and you want to know how she feels about you, look for signs. It’s not just about her look, it may also be that she gets nervous every time she meets you. Watch their body language.

It may be that they are talking and suddenly he is silent as if looking for what to say. What is happening is that she wants to impress you but she is not sure. She wants you to notice her, but she doesn’t know-how.

If she gets nervous about your presence it is a sign of interest in you. All you have to do is be nicer and be patient. A little more confidence and she will be more expressive.