12 signs, you are with the wrong person, that man does not love you

When a man doesn’t love you, what does he do? Love is the most important thing in our life and yet it is also what we neglect the most. You’re with the wrong person and you don’t realize it, you’re still there believing that everything will change by itself.

1.- When a man does not love you, he does not share your beliefs

Okay, you like him a lot, you think he’s the man of your life. In a way, it makes you happy. He is even very handsome, cheerful and has good plans for the future. But, if your way of thinking is opposed, you are with the wrong person.

Why doesn’t he let you be just as free? Life as a couple is not only intimacy, many “I love you” and beautiful promises. Your beliefs are very important to your happiness.

2.- That man does not love you when he does not respect your religion

I do not mean that you are very religious, but you will always have some thought and attitude towards God. Especially in love, sometimes everything is confusing, and getting closer to God means having a guide.

When a man doesn’t really love you, he makes fun of your religion. He is not even tolerant, he does not even think about how much you need God. If you can’t be yourself, you are with the wrong person.

3.- You are with the wrong person when you disrespect

What to do when you are with the wrong person? Many men believe that when a woman accepts him, he becomes her property and she has to love him. They don’t know that love is built.

How is someone you love treated? When your man doesn’t love you, he doesn’t respect himself and he doesn’t respect you. To do? Love you, respect you and make decisions. You are free to choose the life that makes you feel good.

4.- Signs that you are with the wrong person: He lies to you frequently

A relationship where lies reign is horrible. Why would anyone want to live in that world? Lying is one of the clearest signs when a man does not love you. He practically does not love himself.

Living with the lie means inventing one and another lie. In a relationship, a lot of communication is needed, and lies stifle that communication. Learn to be honest with yourself.

5.- He is the wrong person if he promises, promises, and never fulfills

The frequency of broken promises is one of the reasons to know that you are with the wrong person. In a relationship, there is no need to promise too much. Whoever loves, simply does it, without the need to promise.

When a man does not love, when he is only about to take advantage of your company, he forgets what he promises. He never promises from the heart, just to get out of hand, to get some favor from you.

6.- If you have been dating for a long time and he rejects the marriage, he does not love you

Another of the signs that tell you that you are with the wrong person is when he hates to take the next step. He tells you repeatedly that he wants nothing to do with marriage or start a home. So, what do you want?

Having been dating for several years, having finished college, and already having a job, means formalizing. You don’t need to be very religious for that. It’s about the purpose of life. Every couple needs to start a home.

7.- How to know if a man does not love you: When he is unfaithful and does not change

Why does a man who doesn’t love you look for you? He is unfaithful, he promises to change, he does not do it and he always looks for you. It is typical of the macho man who believes that a woman belongs to him and always has to be there for him.

Infidelity is a symptom that the relationship is not working. So what are you doing there? They both have to learn from that pain, but if they continue together they will only hurt each other. Everyone needs to know that love is an individual and mutual responsibility.

8.- Characteristics of a man who does not love you: He does not want to meet your family

Another of the 12 signs that show you that you are with the wrong person is their family social denial. When you love someone you want to share everything, know everything about that person. To love means to surrender.

Your life is in your home, with your friends and co-workers. A man who loves wants to be present in every space of your life. What is the fear, is there something hidden?

9.- When a man no longer loves you, he no longer wants to share time with your family or friends

I hope these tips help you when a man doesn’t love you. In your Blog we want you to be happy, even going through pain. But happy with the clarity of feelings. That is why always take their body language into account.

He does not love her but it helps him relax. Loving means taking a step beyond intimacy. The plans, the family life, because now she became part of your family.

10.- A man does not love you if he only thinks about material achievements

That man doesn’t love you if he only thinks about working and accumulating money. Because the happy life is not all work, but enjoying the little things. Go for a walk with the dog, eat ice cream or watch a sunset.

How much time and how important are you going to give to the moments if you consider that making money is your priority. In general, these people do not live happily and the money goes to health problems.

11.- Symptoms of the man who does not love you: He despises your personal achievements

How to know if you are with the wrong person? When you don’t feel completely free to be the person you want to be. He considers himself the head of the house and the only provider, but you can too.

Every woman has her dreams, illusions, and ability to achieve them. A man who loves helps his girl develop herself. Because the greatest happiness is not given by the couple, but by your own achievements.

12.- If he abandons you when you need him most, you are not his priority

Loving a man who doesn’t love you is a lack of self-love. I’m sorry, we want you to be happy for yourself. Because depending on your partner is fear of being yourself.

Anyone at any time may need the help of another person. Who better than the man than your partner, to hug you, listen to you or help you. But if you run away from those emotional duties, you are with the wrong person.