12 Unattractive Things Men Always Notice About Women.

Things that are boring to him are subjective, but here are some that are universal.

Discover these 12 annoying things for men that women do and try to avoid them as much as possible.

The things that are not attractive to women are boring for both sides.

Not to mention, it’s a real blow to your self-esteem to know that you’re doing something men don’t like.

No one is born in a specific way that pleases everyone.

Nor can we expect beauty to be universal.

Some girls may have very attractive natural attributes, while others are not so lucky.

Also, what seems boring to one guy can be exciting to another, even if you don’t believe it.

Physical attributes are subjective.

What’s boring and what’s exciting are subjective things, and every man you meet in life is going to have his own preferences, no matter how hard you try and change to please someone.

If you want to impress a man or get his attention, forget about wanting to change things you can’t change.

After all, the things you are already doing are full of attraction and sensuality, which makes you completely irresistible, even if you have some natural flaws.

You might think that even the smallest of imperfections would be boring for a man, but more often than not you would see the same men dating women with the same physical imperfections.

The truth is, men can say random things about their preferences and usually they say pretty demanding things, but if you’re a confident girl and you believe in your potential, chances are the man you want will admire you like he’s the girl. of his dreams.

The 12 Biggest Flawless Things Every Man Notices.

There are things you can change about yourself and things you can’t.

So instead of worrying about something you can’t fix with a little effort, turn those imperfections into one of your greatest strengths.

On the other hand, there are some physical things that really bother any man.

That’s why you probably have a choice and still choose to do what’s boring.

Here’s a list of 12 boring things for men that they always notice and wish you’d change.

These are things that can be fixed and that you really need to be aware of, especially on a first date and also on all occasions when you are trying to impress a handsome guy.

1. Too Much Makeup.

A little makeup is absolutely perfect.

But don’t go overboard with the assumption that you’ll impress the guy with the fancy art you’ve done on your face.

For all men, too little makeup is always better than too much makeup.

If you overdo it, you run the risk of him visualizing a clown while talking to you.

Here’s a guaranteed tip: use makeup to enhance and accentuate the features of your face, not to cover it up and hide it.

2. Body Odors.

Most women don’t care too much about body odor because, honestly, we believe we’re not smelly.

We certainly are not if we are going to compare with men.

Of course, there’s always a very busy day at work and you can smell your own sweaty armpits.

However, if you run into a guy after work, know that he can smell your body even if you don’t, especially when he comes close to kissing your neck.

And the moment you give the impression that you’re smelly, he’ll think twice about wanting to get into bed with you.

If you stink in your armpits, what do you think he’s going to expect to find down there?

3. Facial Hair.

During a date, the guy you’re having fun with won’t want to see mustache hairs or hair sticking out of your nose.

No man prefers women with facial hair, otherwise, he would just date another man.

The same goes for armpit hair, even if it’s small and fine because it stands out on sleeveless blouses.

The same thing goes for the black hairs on the arms and legs.

When you really want to impress a guy, make sure your arms and legs are smooth and soft when he runs his hands over you.

Finding unkempt hairs on your face, especially during the early days of dating when he’s still getting to know you better, would be a big problem.

4. Messy Hair and Bad Nails.

Your guy may seem indifferent to the many things you do to impress him, but when he holds your hands, one of the first things he notices is your fingernails, and if they’re chipped or chewed, it’s not going to be good for you.

Also, poorly maintained hair, which is always dirty and tangled up, is another thing that totally turns him off.

5. Oral Hygiene.

There are many things you can do to impress a guy on a first date or first conversation, but if you have food stuck in your teeth, he’s going to feel uncomfortable.

Now, the thing that can really make a huge difference is bad breath.

If you are feeling that your throat is dry or you even smell your breath and you don’t like it, put some peppermint gum in your mouth urgently and go to the bathroom to wash your mouth with water.

6. Piranha Seals.

I know, you don’t judge people by the tattoos they have, but here’s a big macho reality: Tattoos look attractive, but most guys prefer to admire them on other people, not you.

If you have a discreet tattoo or two, great, don’t do it anymore.

Men especially avoid women with slut stamps such as large suggestive tattoos on their lower back.

Tattoos can be nice when they’re discreet or small, but not when they’re screaming “look where I have a tattoo”.

Men judge women with large tattoos as easy to conquer and will just want something casual rather than seeing you as a potential life partner.

7. Poorly Dressed.

It’s one thing to dress according to fashion, another thing to dress completely different from the ordinary, in a strange way.

Men are not going to like a date with a girl who wears ill-fitting clothes that are too baggy or too tight.

Dress in a comfortable and very feminine way, so you score more points with him.

After all, if the guy feels uncomfortable with you next to him, he’s obviously not going to have fun and he’s not going to like you.

8. Sick Appearance.

Radiant skin isn’t just a reflection of good health and good nutrition, when your skin glows, you attract more looks.

If you are constantly stressed, tired, eating poorly, and not exercising, the effects start to show on your skin and face.

You look older, your skin becomes duller and lifeless.

Evolution has programmed man’s mind to fall in love with apparently healthy girls and women, man is not attracted to a girl who looks downcast.

Enjoy life, take care of your skin and take the stress out of your life.

The main thing to do is let the endorphins released by exercise work to improve your appearance.

9. Dirty Mouth.

Men find women aggressive, abusive, and swearing unattractive and uninteresting.

Avoid starting or ending your sentences with nasty profanity.

This is as ugly as any other item on this list.

Guys hate it, even if they don’t say it out loud during the date.

And of course, you’ll know he didn’t like your swearing when he’s gone and not called back!

10. Leave Nothing to the Imagination.

During a date with a guy, don’t let your enthusiasm get his attention.

Don’t talk all about your life, leaving nothing for him to imagine.

He might think you are too easy to win over.

Either way, if a serious relationship is what you want, leave a lot to his imagination, giving your personality away little by little.

11. Masculinity.

The main trait in a woman that attracts men is her femininity and sensuality.

The way you walk, your sweet smile and everything feminine are very important to a guy.

Don’t behave like a man just because you think he would be more comfortable that way.

Show all the power a woman has through femininity and he will come crawling after you on all fours.

If you act like a tomboy, you’ll only attract attention from guys who are less of a man than usual.

12. Gross, Rustic And Systematic.

When a man sees a pretty girl, he just can’t imagine her doing something silly, because she looks too perfect.

If a woman shows her clumsy side once in a while the man will think she is being cute.

On the other hand, if a girl behaves in a rude and unrefined way all the time, that’s pretty annoying for a guy, because men just can’t visualize a girl that way.

He would feel more threatened and inhibited by you, rather than feeling comfortable, confident, and dominant around you, which is what he wants.


If you want to impress a guy I’m going to get his attention, try to avoid or eliminate these top 12 annoying things that women tend to do that repel men.

Each item on this list can be tackled quickly if you’re really interested in changing for the better, not just for men, but for you as well.