13 weird situations when you start being comfortable with a guy

If you are currently with someone – or have experienced it – you know how strange we can be with our other half. Once the barriers of embarrassment are overcome and complicity installed, we assume ourselves completely … sometimes a little too much. And seen from the outside, it can seem quite comical.

Today, a little humor on the site! I gave you a list of the 13 inevitable and quite strange situations when you start to be close to the man you are dating!

  • You speak without embarrassment about the state of your small intestines

If before being in a relationship, you gently let her still believe that “girls don’t poop”. The illusion is now far behind. Now, you no longer take tweezers: “Chinese has not passed. It’s going to shit liquid I feel it.

No more secrets between you: the size of the diameter, smell, frequency, he knows everything about you. Communication in a couple is beautiful!

  • In fact, you even go to the bathroom together

I love this moment when I see him sitting on the toilet bowl, pants down, with his magazine in his hands, saying to myself: “if I had imagined one day that I would see it like that …”.

The good side is that it saves paper! No need to put it at the bottom… anyway, it’s next!

  • Hair removal has become more… artistic

If you spent hours preparing yourself before sex at the start of the relationship, now he has no say when you present him with your plunge square! You then know that you have reached a comfort level of no return.

  •  You are not afraid to see yourself at your worst

Dirty hair, flowing mascara, panties for periods … We said well for the best and … for the worst, right?

  • You “gas” together

When asked a question, the pet has become a fully-fledged and consistent answer in your conversations.

Is the pet released, the cement of the couple?

  • You sometimes share your toothbrushes

When you forget your toothbrush one night when you sleep at his place and he agrees, graciously, to lend you his, he makes you understand that from now on, your germs are his germs. And as disgusting or bad as it can be for your oral hygiene, this is called a beautiful proof of love!

  • You pierce her pimples and worse … you like it.

When he has a button on the buttocks and armed with your two fingers, you go to battle until he jumps, you have reached this level of cracra comfort that crosses most borders. This is camaraderie!

  • In addition to the buttons, you pluck his eyebrows 

He absolutely does not know how to use tweezers which is equivalent for him to a most demonic instrument of torture.

And you do it with a good heart: you are against deforestation, but there are limits!

  • He started watching Gossip Girl with you

If before dating you, he swore only for movies and action series based on war, zombie, violence and sexy girls, you managed to get him to the dark side. By dint of seeing you in front of your series, he became interested in it and even took a liking to it. Since then, it’s the number one groupie of Chuck Bass.

  • You talk to him as if you were 3 years old

Among women, we know one of the most powerful weapons to melt a guy: playing the little girl. With a good face and a little talent, you can make him do everything! 😉

  • … And he also answers you as if he had 4

They will certainly not admit it (even less in front of their group of friends), but they also love to have a baby.

The funniest thing, I think, is when they try to be cute but it doesn’t work… not.

  • You spy on the neighbors together

Because when you are alone, you do not assume. So when he’s there, you can unleash the little weasel in you!

As far as I’m concerned, one of the strangest things I did with one of my exes, teach him how to twerk! It was so funny…