15 evidence that he really loves you even if he does not say it clearly

In general, men are not very good at expressing their feelings, even to their closest family members and friends. But that does not mean that they do not feel emotions such as love, fear, excitement, regret, etc. It is simply more difficult for them to verbalize them, hence the inability to know what a man thinks or feels.

All this can lead women to ask questions, even if things are going well. Unlike women, men express their feelings with gestures rather than words and to help you see more clearly and know if your man really loves you, here are 15 signs that never deceive!

15 signs that show that he really loves you

1. You are part of his projects

Even the most committed men are independent people. But they always have an idea of ​​the direction to give to their life. So, if your man is making plans with you, it’s a big step forward. It means that he wants you near him for this long journey that is life.

2. He respects you

If he treats you as his equal, intellectually, at home, and at work, it means that he truly respects you as a person, and respects your feelings and choices.

3. He keeps in touch with you

He ensures regularly and sincerely that you are well at all times. Your feelings and emotions are important to him because he loves you and he wants you to be happy.

4. He does not boast

If your man boasts of everything he does for you, it means he expects something in return and does not do it out of love for you. But if he keeps silent about all the wonderful things he does for you, it means he does it sincerely.

5. He is honest

Honesty must be the most valuable human trait of all. Everyone loves an honest person, because it means that they are clear in their opinions of you, and their feelings towards you. An honest man with you is a man of gold.

6. He is altruistic

Love is altruism. It’s all the little acts where you think about the other partner and how you can make him happy. As the saying goes: “When we love, we do not count”.

7. You have conflicts but healthy

Any relationship may experience conflict. When your man always tries to find solutions to your conflicts in a rational way, without confrontation, it means that you can overcome all obstacles together.

8. He is interested in you

When a man really loves you, then he will want to know everything about your life, your interests, your thoughts and your plans. So even your interests become hers.

9. He protects you

He is always there for you, he protects you from harm, and cares about anything that can hurt you, takes care of you, and pays close attention to you.

10. He’s focused on you

You are the ray of sunshine that illuminates his life, so he gives no chance to another woman. He is blinded by your love. He puts you at the center of his interests and his life.

11. He agrees with you … but not all the time

Opposite personalities attract each other, but shared ideas and interests attract a lot more. On the other hand, if he always agrees with you, that means he’s probably not sincere.

12. He holds your hand

Public displays of affection can be a source of contention. Some people love them, and others hate them. But if your man is confident enough to hold your hand everywhere, then rejoice, it’s a great sign of love.

13. He takes into account your projects

It goes hand in hand with altruism. No matter how important a plan is to him, or how much he really wants to go to a party, he’ll make sure you agree, that it does not spoil your plans. Otherwise, he will give up everything to be by your side.

14. He is “a little” jealous

When it is excessive, jealousy is an ugly fault. But when it manifests itself in a gentle way and occasionally it is a sign of love.
Indeed, it is difficult to love and especially to stay with a man who switches to verbal or physical violence because of a simple look of another man. If your partner pays attention to his reactions but still keeps an eye on you, it is certainly crazy in love with you.

15. He invests in you

Despite the work, the commitments, the pressure of daily life, your man gives you his time, encourages you in your career, your projects, or your passions. He knows that it will only be beneficial for your couple.