15 possible reasons why your girlfriend hates you

When you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while and the two of you have gotten used to each other, it can feel too comfortable. However, things can take a drastic step when your girlfriend hates you and can’t take it anymore. She will start to treat you badly and avoid you whenever she can. You will keep wondering why he hates you so much, or is it just something that will happen. It can be a painful experience when you are still in love with her, but she is no longer in love with you. You may have a chance to make things right if the relationship isn’t over yet. Don’t hit yourself. Here is a checklist of some possible reasons why she might hate you so much.

1. A girlfriend hates when you are controlling

Sometimes he can be too controlling with his girlfriend to the point of banning some of his closest friends as they are bad influences on her. Maybe you’re not happy that he’s out on girls’ night. These reasons may seem silly and trivial, but when it becomes a big problem when it goes against your desire, it can develop harsh feelings for you. These are reasons enough for your girlfriend to hate you. He may be doing this to guide her, but for her, he is controlling her. She doesn’t need a second father in you. She needs a man to catch her. If you have commented negatively on the way you dress, she will hate you for it. A woman can hate you for little things if you become insensitive.

2. A girlfriend hates when you lie to her

If you have a tendency to lie to your girlfriend from time to time, you will surely get caught. A white lie every once in a while isn’t a big deal, but don’t make a habit of lying unnecessarily. If your girlfriend has repeatedly caught you lying to her for no reason, she will start treating you badly. She will question your motives and wonder what else you are doing behind her back. No woman in her right mind likes a man who constantly lies to her. She will never trust you again and will think that you are treating her badly because you are engaged elsewhere. Your girlfriend will hate you for this and will respond to you by moving to greener pastures. This will finally end their relationship.

3. A girlfriend hates you when you don’t keep promises

If you promised your girlfriend that you would do something for her, keep that promise. If you constantly promise her things and don’t keep them, your girlfriend will start to annoy you about it. She won’t stop it until you do. Telling him that you are upset will not help solve the problem. This persistent process will start to become a problem and she will start to resent you for it, and then the hatred increases. She will think that she is wasting her time being with you. Therefore, she will hate you for it. She will think that you are treating her badly because you are not committed to the relationship. Women like men who know how to keep their promises.

4. Glancing at other girls in front of her

You can see other girls as much as you want, but only if your girlfriend is not around. Being as bold as checking up on other girls when you’re with your girlfriend is disrespectful to her. She will hate you every minute you disrespect her. She will start to think what else you are capable of in front of her. If you treat your girlfriend with disrespect for her feelings, she will resent it. She will start to treat you badly and avoid you. Your girlfriend will hate you for it and won’t see any reason to be with a man who doesn’t appreciate her. Either you choose it or you go. Every woman needs to feel that she is the only love in her man’s life. If you prove her wrong, she will hate you passionately and you will face her anger.

5. A girlfriend hates it when her man doesn’t pay attention.

If you were the type of man who doesn’t listen to what your girlfriend says, she may hate you for this. If your girlfriend has to constantly remind you, or if she keeps repeating what she said three weeks ago, she will create hatred. She will start to think that you don’t love her enough and that is why you are not listening to her. She will eventually hate you for it. Don’t be surprised when one day you find her missing.

6. You have a horrible habit

If you have adopted bad habits over the years of engagement and you no longer care what your girlfriend thinks of you, this will cause you to feel resentful and lead to hatred from resentment. No woman likes to pick up her man’s stockings everywhere in the living room every night. He has been complaining about your bad habit for several months or so, and you don’t pay attention to what he says. She will get tired and this will turn to hatred. She will start to treat you badly and get irritated when you are around. You might think of a way to get back into your bad habit.

7. You are irritating

When you are in a committed relationship, and you have annoyed your girlfriend about how much money you are wasting on her purchases, this is reason enough for her to hate you. Women like to spoil themselves occasionally. If you are wise, you must find a way to tell him to economize. Be sensitive to his feelings to prevent him from hating you. The annoyance about how he wastes your money, and yet has a stake in the money, will make him hate you.

8. Wherever you go, you cause a disaster

In a relationship, couples must compromise and care about each other’s feelings. When it comes to cleaning up after your man’s mess, this is a complete blackout. No woman needs to come home at night after a long day at work and find a mess everywhere in the house. Your girlfriend will hate you for it. What woman wouldn’t hate you? She will start to think why you don’t have empathy. She will wonder why she follows you. If you can’t clean up after your mess, steer clear. If you don’t stop it, she will find a way to get back at you.

9. You lack romance

It’s normal for couples to feel comfortable after a few years together, but that doesn’t mean they forget about romance. Every woman needs romance from time to time. As a man, you can claim that you don’t have time and that your work schedule is tight. Your girlfriend will hate you especially if her close friends are still having romance in their marriage. A marriage without romance is not a marriage at all. Don’t be surprised when such a thing makes me hate you so much.

10. You don’t have time to call your girlfriend

During the first few months of dating, it was always a rule to call her once in a while. Suddenly, things have changed since they are comfortable with each other. You start using text messages, especially when you’re asking her out at night. She will definitely hate you for this. Women are attracted to men who have the guts to call. This could be one reason why she was attracted to you in the first place. You can claim that texting is fast and efficient, but it’s not enough in a relationship. Don’t let your girlfriend hate you if you can help it.

11. You don’t have time for privacy

When it comes to bedroom matters, you better be careful and sensitive about how you respond. If your girlfriend wants some intimacy from you and you keep putting it off for no good reason, she’ll hate you for it. You better reassure her that you’re not in the mood for romance, but she’s still the love of your life.

12. You are imprecise

It’s second nature for a man to be lazy, especially when he doesn’t want to encourage you anymore. If the girlfriend feels like you are derailing her in a relationship, she will hate you. No woman likes wasting time, especially if she is seriously committed to you. If you don’t see any future with her, let her know right away. However, being lazy will make her think you have an alternate motive. She will hate you and try to get back at you in some nasty way. Derailing a woman because she cannot make up her mind can result in hatred.

13. You make bad decisions

While in a relationship, a woman will want her man to make wise decisions for her future. She doesn’t want a man who has no goals. She wants to feel like they are making progress in their lives. If she sees that you don’t care about tomorrow, she will slowly hate you. This feeling of hatred will turn into resentment, and if it is not addressed immediately, the relationship will end. Making the right decisions about everything is important in a relationship. Being a lousy decision maker when in a serious relationship can make a woman disrespect you and hate you for it.

14. You don’t get along with your in-laws

Unfortunately, no one chooses their in-laws. When you have a girl in your life, make it a rule to meet her family, no matter how annoying they are. She can hate you in the blink of an eye if she finds out that you hate her family.

15. Your friends irritate your girlfriend

When in a relationship, avoid inviting friends with questionable behaviors as they might say something insensitive. No woman likes to hear how her man and his group of friends went hunting at a club. Your girlfriend will hate your friends and she will also annoy you. Resentment turns to hatred if it is not resolved immediately. In a relationship, a woman needs her man to love her unconditionally and wants to feel special. She requires a man who has compassion and is aware of her needs. Do not feel very comfortable with yourself and forget how to be a good man for your partner. A woman may hate her spouse if she sees that he is insensitive to her needs. Don’t wait for the feeling of hatred to get stronger. Talk to your wife and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.