15 things a man in love secretly does that she doesn’t realize

When a man falls in love with a girl, his inner life changes. Think and feel different, now your focus is her. There are things that a man in love does secretly without his girl knowing. Well, they happen in your heart, your emotions, and your mind.

The look of a man in love says many things, but it cannot always be interpreted well. You may be jealous, have fantasies, or fear. You may not be able to put it in words, but you say it in the way you look. He found the woman of his life.

When a man truly falls in love he cannot stop doing these things, no matter how expressionless. He does things like look, smile, etc., without even noticing, everything is spontaneous, and you can see it.

1.- A man in love fantasizes about the girl he loves

Fantasizing is the typical thing in human beings when something or someone likes it. A man sees the girl he likes for a few seconds and begins to fantasize a lifetime about her.

It is something that he does in the depths of his soul. No one sees or knows about those secret thoughts. Although sometimes he outlines nuances of those dreams and tells them to his best friend. Every night at bedtime his fantasies begin, he idealizes you, lives adventures with you and is happy.

2.- A man can get as excited as a woman


What happens is that a man tries to be strong and hides his emotions. But the look of a man in love when he gets emotional gives him away. You can shed a tear for her.

A tear in a man signifies a strong torrent of emotions that he has not been able to mask. A man who loves becomes very depressed when he has problems with the woman he loves.

3.- Things that a man in love does secretly


Another of the secret attitudes of a man in love is that he wants to be the only one. He doesn’t want anyone else in the life of the girl he loves. He wants her to only pay attention to him and nothing else.

When a man falls in love he gets very jealous with his girl. Discreetly try to find out what she thinks and what her tastes are so that you can be the only one to please her.

4.- The disapproval of his girl worries a man a lot


Not all men know what to do to make their girl happy. They try again and again and many times they fail. They are not experts at reading your body language or emotional cues.

He loves you and if you tell him that what he does does not matter to you, you will question him. Many times a man does not know if he did something wrong or if his girl is just upset. His life is complicated.

5.- A man in love always looks for you


You may not know it, but if he is in love he will want to see you even without you knowing. These are things that a man in love does secretly . He does not want to bother you, but if he is close he will look for you.

A man truly in love does not care about the time, the place, or the difficulties. This action is one of the best signs of a man in love in silence.

6.- Use positive and beautiful words to talk about her


Another of the symptoms that betray a man in love are his words. When he really loves a girl, he uses positive and beautiful words to refer to her.

Good, cute, precious, beautiful, etc., are of her daily use when she talks about her. He also rejoices, smiles and celebrates when he refers to her. There is nothing more wonderful than the name of your girl.

7.- If a man says he is crazy about a woman, he is


What happens in the head of a man when he loves a woman is something that is not seen. He may be calm, busy or entertaining but his mind is focused on the girl he loves.

Her friends, family, and even herself may not realize what a man does in secret. A girl can occupy the mind of a man that he feels crazy about her.

8.- A man who loves gives gifts to be noticed


Thinking that a girl is the love of his life are things that a man in love does secretly . The reflection of that constant thought are the gifts it offers.

When a man gives flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, etc., it is because he accepts that you are the woman of his life. A man does not make these gifts with someone he considers a passing occasion.

9.- A man in love always has time for you

If he really loves you he will find time to dedicate you. When a man is in love in silence, no words are needed, his actions prove it.

He can be a very busy and responsible boy in his studies or work. But love will motivate him to find space, desire and time to be next to the woman he loves.

10.- Focus your gaze on the woman you love

Another of the signs that a man in love secretly makes is his gaze at the woman he loves. When she is with her there is nothing else that catches her attention, so I couldn’t stop looking at her.

She may be distracted or elsewhere and he is always looking at her. These are things that a man in love does secretly for love. He is not controlling her, but enjoying her beauty.

11.- A man who loves can suffer more than a woman

Many men in love take their love for a woman so seriously that they can suffer greatly for her. If you do not answer his calls, if you do not see her, if you do not arrive on time, etc., he is suffering.

In many cases it is emotional dependency , but what he feels he attributes to his love for her. Anything about her worries him and he does his best to please her.

12.- Sacrifice your time, space, dreams and interests for her

A woman may not realize the extent to which her presence changes a man’s life for love. A symptom of a man in love is the total change in his priorities.

If you used to dedicate your time to your work, you obvies and other interests you dedicate to it. Even now she likes movies that she didn’t pay attention to before just because she likes it.

13.- When I miss, he does it in the depths of his heart

The look of a man in love when he misses a loved one can go unnoticed. But a man who loves can miss even more than women. Only he does not say it to be brave.

A man likes to stand out for being brave and missing a woman doesn’t count as bravery. But when he sees the love of his life again, he cannot hide how much he has missed her.

14.- He never criticizes the woman he loves even if she makes mistakes

Always supporting her unconditionally is one of the things that a man in love does secretly. He never criticizes her, he is always on her side even when something bothers him.

Wanting to protect her, make her happy and successful, makes her not make negative comments about her. It does not mean that he accepts everything, but that he is always willing to help her without judgment.

15.- He does not say “I love you” frequently, but his actions say it all

When a man truly loves a woman, he does not do so only in words. At all times his actions show his love. Details abound towards her and at all times it is her priority.

A man who loves uses many ways to express his love. It is never limited to words and promises. He even surpasses himself for love. He wants to be a better person for her.

There are many other things that a man in love does secretly without his girl noticing. That is why it is important that you pay attention to that man who dedicates his time and attention to you.