15 things to talk about with your partner to avoid awkward silences

The most important thing in a couple is communication. This does not necessarily mean words, but that each one takes care of his happiness. When you are happy, by yourself, talking to your partner is only part of communication. Communication generates more confidence and security if it is emotional.

You are doing your things, you are happy to be able to do what you love and in that state looking at your partner happens with love. Whatever you do when there is emotional balance in you, you do it with love. Your partner feels it, in the environment there is peace, trust and security.

See what you have to do with your partner when you spend a lot of time together so that silence is not uncomfortable.

1.- As a couple, do and talk about the things you love to do and it is common to both

There is nothing more fun, loving and divine to bring a couple together than the things you love to do together. Making love is a shortcut so you can see what it can feel like to do what you love.

By talking to your partner about what you love to do, you give yourself a wonderful moment. It is an optimal emotional moment for communication and constructive emotions. Gestures, looks, energy, everything in balance.

2.- Talk about the details of how you fell in love with each other

Especially if you have been together for a long time and are used to arriving at the same place, talk about your memories. Talking with your partner about emotional issues is one way to strengthen your relationship.

How did they meet, what did they think at the time, how much did they change, etc. When you really love yourself, you put in your life the beautiful moments of the past and present.

3.- Talk about the region in which each one believes and show each other your love

Talking about religion is not always comfortable, but when you put love first, everything changes. Never overlook talking to your partner about the religion that each of you profess. All religion is love.

Religion just like love is to unite people. Talking about this topic is very important to get to know each other better and to generate more confidence and security in the couple.

4.- It is important to talk with your partner about their respective families

It is very important that you clarify what your family is for you, as it is the basis for your future family. Talking with your partner about your family and their family will help them generate more trust and security.

Talking with your partner about your family helps them to strengthen their relationship and get to know each other better. In the family there are always things to rescue and others to avoid.

5.- Talk and laugh at the most embarrassing things that have happened to you

No one is exempt from having an embarrassing or funny moment at some point in their life. It is time to show confidence with your partner and talk about these things and laugh.

In some cases the curling may not take place but it will be a good time to reflect with the person you love. Uncomfortable moments as a couple are solved with confidence.

6.- Talk about how you like to have fun and listen to what he has to say

It is very important that you talk with your partner about the things that make you fun, relax and passionate. Talking with your partner about work, vacations and dreams is a good way to share emotions.

Daydreaming with your partner even if you can’t at the moment is very positive. They can support each other to set goals and achieve their challenges. Nothing unites a couple more than communicating their emotions.

7.- Talking about your childhood can become a nice way to get to know yourself better

The happiest and longest lasting couples are the ones who trust each other. But trust is worked on every day with details that show who we are and what our priorities are.

Talking with your partner about intimate things from childhood is a good way to open up and say I trust you. Prepare something to share and talk about what they dreamed of as children is a nice detail of intimacy.

8.- Nice to talk with your partner about your dreams, goals and challenges and listen to his

Just like you, the love of your life has his dreams and goals. They may be very small or they may seem ridiculous to you, but they are what encourages you to wake up each day.

One way to strengthen your relationship is to talk with your partner about your biggest dreams and concerns that encourage you the most. Confidence and security improve with honest and respectful dialogue.

9.- Imagine talks with your partner about how they see themselves in the future together

Everyone has their idea of ​​how they will look in the future. How do you want to see yourself in five years? Talking about these things with your partner will mean a very positive and emotional moment.

The quality of your love is determined by the thoughts you allow to grow in your mind. Think about how you want your future with that person and talk.

10.- Talk to your partner about what he understands by partner happiness

Talking with your partner about what their personal and relationship priorities are is essential. For example, what do you understand by happiness, whose responsibility is personal and partner happiness.

Don’t assume your partner understands happiness. It may be, but in what way and how is it possible to be happy according to him. Talking with your partner about happiness will clarify the role of each one with love.

11.- It will be a lot of fun to chat with your partner about their preferences

Do you know what books your partner has read, what music he likes to listen to when he is alone or what movies he remembers the most? Knowing your partner well is knowing who you are sharing your space and time with.

The best love is not blind love but informed love. So try to reinforce communication with your partner by looking for fun and deep conversations at the same time.

12.- Have confidence to confess to your partner your fears and hidden manias

Talking with your partner is the best way to make him love you and be faithful to you. But that communication has to be honest and not just words. More details, gestures, looks and kisses than words.

For example, when you tell him about your fears and hobbies, you are telling him that you trust him. You are asking him to take into account your fears when planning a prank or surprise, for example.

13.- As a couple it is very important to talk about money and make financial plans

Talking about money with your partner is one of the best ways to build trust and strengthen the relationship. Being able to talk about money with detachment and sincerity is a sign of maturity and emotional balance.

Talking about money with your partner, how to earn it, how to spend it and save is a great step to a successful relationship. Be clear, which is more important, money or your happiness?

14.- Chatting with your partner about exes is not good, but sometimes a little

Don’t even think about talking about your ex when there is not much trust with your partner. Neither when there is distance or things are very delicate. You have the right to the privacy of your past life.

But talking about your past mistakes when you are confident improves security. You do not have to talk about intimate things with your ex, but about your mistakes, seeking support to overcome them.

15.- We all have complexes, weaknesses and talking about this with your partner is good

Emotional communication with your partner is a sign that you consider him the best option for your life. You want to make your life by his side, you want to improve yourself and progress. Seek their support.

No one is obligated to help you, not even your partner. Support is earned by paying attention, honesty, service, and appreciation. Talk to your partner about everything you don’t like about yourself.