17 annoying signs but indicating that you finally met a good guy

1. You have doubts but don’t need them.

It is not really him that you doubt but rather all those who in the past have caused you to be anxious.

2. And you expect the worst but it surprises you pleasantly.

Although you are dying to open up to him, you do not want your hopes to be dashed.

3. He keeps his promises even when you have doubts.

Something as simple as keeping your promises makes you uncomfortably happy.

4. He doesn’t play comedy.

It responds to each of your messages. All your projects come true. Everything you were used to no longer exists.

5. It proves how sad your past was, but it does not repeat it.

You think back to certain people and realize how bad your relationships could have gotten , wondering how you could have accepted less than what you are receiving now.

6. You are on your guard but he is patient.

But even with this new consideration, you often find yourself pushing it away.

7. He forgives you because there is nothing you should not apologize for.

You have been led to believe that you are constantly making mistakes. So you’re careful, but this guy teaches you that you don’t need it anymore.

8. He shows you that he won’t hurt you.

Opening yourself up to someone scares you, but it’s especially the fact of falling in love with this guy that scares you.

9. You thought your relationship would not survive the first argument, but you were wrong.

Everyone argues but in your past, many arguments ended in insults and with your partner leaving.

10. Instead, he is fighting for you.

It goes half the way, in every sense of the word. Because he wants you as much as you want.

11. He’s always nice.

And you shouldn’t think that someone who is nice all the time is weird. But when you are not used to it, it is difficult to accept this simple fact. Soon you will realize that this is how relationships are meant to be.

12. And honest.

When you are used to lies, brutal honesty and having a real person in front of you are strange things.

13. And he respects you.

He respects you as an individual and the things that interest you and spends his time proving that he cares about you.

14. You understand that a person can really change your life.

You find yourself talking more about him, smiling more, etc. You are happier than you have ever been and he is responsible for it.

15. And that not all people are meant to harm you.

You realize that often, you have to have suffered a lot before finding someone who teaches us what we really deserve.

16. He sees you in your worst days and stays anyway.

Maybe you are depressed. Maybe all of your barriers are falling apart. Maybe you cry without knowing why. But there he is, witnessing your most raw and honest sides. But he reassures you, appreciating that you allow him to be as close to you. And that’s when he starts to heal you.

17. And that’s why he loves you.

You know you are in love with this guy but, for the first time, someone loves you in return.

Then he starts talking about a future that will heal you from your past.