24 unavoidable phrases a man says to you when he likes you madly

What is the meaning when a man tells you that he likes you? It all depends on the circumstances. You can like him for a little while, for a while or for a lifetime. The phrases a man tells you when he likes you give you a clue as to what he wants you for and now we will help you decipher them.

There are phrases that only a man in love pronounces and if he says them repeatedly you will know that you are on the right track. These phrases are the ones that we present below. You just have to be attentive to what he says and how he says it. That way you will better interpret their true feelings.

Let’s look at the words a man says to you, from the heart, when he likes you with deep and true love.

I feel a great need to see you but I don’t know if the time is right

Even if a man tells you that he loves you, it is not necessarily something he feels. Not all good people are aware of what love is. But if he tells you that he loves you using this phrase or something similar, he loves you. He is simply expressing a feeling of urgency to you and still does not want to bother you.

Do not leave if you do not want, I can continue so that everything is fine

It is always very good to observe how a man treats you when he says he likes you. Does he really treat you like he likes you? With this phrase he is saying to you, “I cannot force you.” But what he is feeling is that you continue by his side because of how much he likes having you.

My life feels so strange without you, I hope you can come soon


The phrases a man says to you when he really likes you do not force you to do something. He doesn’t want you to do something out of obligation or to please him, but because you want to. With this phrase he opens his soul to you expressing his deepest feelings. Here humility is paramount.

Take good care of yourself, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you

This is another of the phrases that every man will tell you if he really likes you. He tells you that you are very important to him, that he believes in you, values ​​you and that please be very cautious. He is aware that you need your freedom, but take care, you don’t know how much I love you.

My greatest wish is that you have a wonderful and beautiful day

The things a man says to you when he likes you come from his true feelings. These phrases signify his deep wish that your life be wonderful. He tells you that his greatest wish is that everything turns out well for you, that life treat you very well my love.

Every time I think about you more and I want to call you, this time I couldn’t stop

What signals does a man give when he likes you? If you are constantly on his mind, his words will refer to that. He can tell you one thing or another without realizing that he is expressing his emotions. What a man tells you if he likes you is not his words, but his emotions.

You do many interesting things, if you let me help you I will feel happy


The words a man says to you when he likes you express his happiness to have you by his side. At all times it is full of details, beautiful words, actions and a lot of enthusiasm. If he is happy to help you, he is telling you how important you are to him.

You are the most amazing, unpredictable and wonderful people I know.

This is another phrase that shows when you like him. He has no words to express how much he admires you. He is a man truly in love if he continually tells you the words of this phrase. All these compliments are mostly alluding to your spiritual beauty.

I admire you for everything you do, dream and for the challenges you face


You don’t have to do great things for a man in love to consider you his hero. When a man is truly in love, he is attentive to everything you do. That is why he knows you better and encourages you in everything that is important to you. He likes to see you happy.

You have become the most important thing in my life and it makes me very happy

This is another of the favorite phrases that a man says to you when he likes you. He always says it to you as a compliment that comes from his heart. The phrases that only men very in love say always express their emotions and their whole body says it. With this phrase he tells you that you are his priority.

Since I am with you I have begun to know the best of myself


Another way to put it is, you make me a better person. This is the grateful way a man talks to you when he likes you. You inspire him, you serve as an example and thanks to that, he strives to improve every day. Feel that your love is a very powerful motivation and thanks you for it.

You are the woman that I have always needed to have by my side and I did not know

He can also tell you, you are my ideal complement, you are my better half, etc. This is a compliment a man tells you when he really likes you, he loves you. He is telling you that he was looking for a true love for a long time . That I never imagined that you could be that true love, until he met you.

What I want most with you is for the world to know about our love

The phrases that a man says to you when he likes you always inspire confidence , freedom and gratitude. If your man tells you this, he is expressing that you are the only one and that he is very proud of you. The meaning of this phrase is that he is so sure that he loves you that he wants everyone to know it.

I’m thinking of a house with gardens for when we live together

One of the signs that a man really likes you is when he talks to you about a future together. If the things a guy says to you when he likes you talk about the future together, he feels real love for you. That man wants to formalize his love relationship with you.

It is wonderful to share with you my big dreams, hopes and fears

When the phrases that a man tells you speak of his most intimate dreams and you are there, he really likes you. That you are part of his dearest dreams only means one thing, he really loves you. He has found true love in you and wants to make his life by your side.

Because I know you better, you make my life seem more interesting

Human beings are very social, we always need others to have a full life. The phrases that express gratitude to your presence that a man says to you when he likes you express his true love. He is very grateful to have met you because now he knows how much he loves you.

I know that with you my life will be much better, happier and more grateful

If he says this compliment, he is fighting like crazy not to fall in love anymore. Every time he gets to know you more and is convinced that you are the best thing that could have happened to him. Thanks to your qualities, attitudes and motivation, he looks better every day. Can’t wait to tell you how good it feels.

All I know is that all I want is to be your life partner

Choosing a partner is the most important decision of a person. With these types of phrases a man tells you how much he likes you and how important you are in his life. These words better express the love that a person feels for you than the simple word “I love you.”

I feel lucky to hug, kiss and love an exceptional woman

What does he mean when a man tells you that he likes you with these words? He is telling you that he is convinced that you are the best woman he can meet. There is no more extraordinary woman who has come into his life that way. So much so that he has fallen madly in love with you.

I still know you very little and I feel that you deserve all my respect

When a man gives you phrases that express his admiration, they express how he likes you. Although she knows you little, she is already realizing the great value you have as a woman. Respect is the best ally in romantic relationships. He respects your words, thoughts, emotions and actions because he loves you well.

I am able to build a new world by seeing you very happy

He can also tell you, I would do anything to see you happy. The phrases that a man says to you when he is in love always express how important you are to them. It’s not just about a man who loves you, he’s a man who knows what he wants. Already mature, he is already convinced that he wants a life with you.

What I do I always do thinking of us, the me no longer exists

If a man says this compliment to you, you can be sure that you are in front of the man who loves you just as you are. The phrases that a man says to you when he likes you mean deep love when he talks about the two of you. For a man in love, individuality disappears, everything is a we.

I trust you fully, I am sure that life will smile on us

This is another way a man tells you that he likes you very much, so much as to be the love of his life. He is talking about his future with you, he is saying that he decides to put his life in your hands. That can only happen if he really loves you. He is very much in love and he can only think of a wonderful future with you.

I love you more than I have ever loved, more than I ever could

It can also tell you, I love you more than I would like. This phrase means that he loves you beyond his comfort. That is, a common man in love likes to preserve a certain freedom. He is no longer common for having you, now he feels capable of a greater love like he could never live.

In short … the words a man says to you when he likes you with deep and true love express his true feelings.