28 questions to ask a guy you like and make him fall in love with you

What questions can I ask a man to get to know him and make him fall in love? Here are 28 questions to ask a guy you like. To make a man fall in love you have to talk to him so that he gets excited about what he imagines. I mean, your words have a lot of power.

There are some basic questions to seduce a man but you have to ask them in a subtle flirtation mode. After all, you may like that boy for the sake of appearances. With these questions, you will get to know him better, since he will indirectly show you his most frequent emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

1. What is your favorite hobby, what do you do when you are alone?

You can use these questions to conquer a man on Facebook, which is where people are the most. Also, while you ask, share your best photos.

Pay attention to what he responds to, smile, and go with the flow. You don’t necessarily have to follow these questions to the letter to ask a guy you like.

2.- What would be, for you, perfect happiness, with what kind of person would you share it?

If you are looking for questions to ask a man you like, obviously you already thought you would make him fall in love. But since you are a cautious girl, you want to get to know him well first.

Many times girls are so excited about a boy that they invent characteristics that he does not have. These questions for the guy you like are going to show you what he really thinks.

3.- What are you afraid of, what is your great fear with girls?

You really don’t know his romantic history, you don’t know how he did with his previous partners or if he has a girlfriend. It is important that you know how he handles his emotions.

What to ask the guy you like to get him interested in you? Don’t feel like you’re interviewing him or getting a checkup. Choose our questions instinctively.

4.- What do you think is the trait that defines you the most, what do you like the most about yourself?

Remember that these questions to ask a guy you like can be an excuse for something better. Well, the main thing is that you have fun and feel that person.

We all have something that we like or others not so much. Knowing that he likes himself gives you the advantage to make that man fall in love.

5.- What do you consider your worst defect, how do you think it affects you?

There are people who are very passionate about what they do and cannot measure their time. That is to say, for what for some is a virtue for others it is a defect.

When trying to make a man fall in love, remember to highlight his virtues. Also, look for positive prospects for what they call flaws.

6.- What or who is the great love of your life, what are you doing for her?

Questions for lovers always have a degree of emotional connection. So remember that first, you have to earn the trust of that man you want to fall in love with.

Falling in love with a name is typical of a bold girl who knows what she wants. That is why it is important that you answer these questions yourself to ask a boy you like.

7.- What could plunge you into the deepest misery, what is your weakness?

These questions for a guy bring you closer to his heart. If you can get him to take you seriously, to be interested in what you ask him, he is already in a relationship with you.

Falling in love with a man is basically being part of his thoughts. Therefore, these questions to meet a boy and make him fall in love you have to ask them with great tact.

8.- What is your greatest extravagance, how do you give yourself your tastes?

This question may refer to what strange things you have or do, or it may refer to the strange tastes you have. If you really want to make this man fall in love, accept and tolerate his tastes.

The answers to the questions to make a man fall in love do not necessarily have to be to your liking. They simply allow you to see the reality of that man.

9.- What is the worst defect that others can have?

These questions to ask a guy you like show you his way of thinking about others. With this question, you will know how tolerant it is with certain characteristics of people.

A person can have many defects but watch how he refers to them. The way a person talks about others says more about him than about others.

10.- What are the words or phrases that you use most frequently?

What to ask a man to make him fall in love? Things that make him laugh and above all that makes him imagine and get out of the ordinary.

If he thinks about any of your questions for the rest of the day, you are already a part of his life. Falling in love with a man can be simple when you know him well.

11.- What has been your greatest achievement or what would you like to achieve?

If you listen carefully to his answers to these questions to ask a boy you like, you will know his soul. I hope you gain access to that deeper and more delicate emotional connection.

You can use these questions to conquer a man on whatsapp or facebook. The important thing is that you create that climate of intimacy by being honest and positive.

12.- On what occasions do you lie, at this moment are you lying to me?

These questions to talk to a man should above all make him laugh or arouse his good spirits. If you do not succeed, you are not in your moment, change your mind.

To fall in love with the man you like, you have to show yourself happy and self-sufficient. You are not looking for it to be happy, you are already happy and you simply choose it because you think you like it.

13.- When and where have you been absolutely happy?

Happiness is not the same for everyone. Falling in love with a man is not to find happiness, it is to share your happiness. Your happiness is your responsibility.

The questions to ask a boy you like have to be from your happiness, not from your need. If you are not happy alone, you will be a burden, a bad relationship for both of you.

14.- What do you think has been your biggest investment, what do you bet on in your life?

These interesting questions to make a man fall in love can help you get your life on track. Thanks to you he can feel more aspiring and fall in love with it.

Who does not risk does not progress and every man always wants to progress. And just you arrive and your questions can wake him up, make him feel capable of achieving his dreams.

15.- What personal object is the one that has the most value for you?

An object often represents the value we place on moments. How sensitive and loving or materialistic will that man you want to fall in love with?

All these questions to ask a guy you like also talk about you. Observe the way you address him, it really is love or need for company.

16.- What is your favorite occupation, what are you passionate about doing?

To make a man fall in love it is important that you know how happy he is being alone. If you have clarity in your life you will have clarity in the love that you can give.

These questions to meet and fall in love with a man can reveal what your relationship with him will be like. Do not get illusions or think that you can change it.

17.- What is the quality that you most admire in a woman?

Every woman wants the man she likes to be a good person. These questions to ask a guy you like to help you see beyond appearances.

These clever questions to make a man fall in love with can help you see how he treats women. Be aware that your lifestyle can be influenced by it.

18.- What is the quality that you most admire in a man?

How jealous is the man you like and want to fall in love with? Jealousy is a complex issue in relationships. Your emotional balance is important to maintaining happiness.

What to ask a guy I like to get to know him better and see if it suits me? That man is likely to become the father of your children, how would you like him to be?

19.- Which character in the story do you most identify with?

Love changes people’s lives. When you like a man, you first have to love yourself to make him fall in love. These questions to ask a guy you like to help you see if you love yourself.

You don’t need a man to be happy. If you believe that he is going to make you happy, you are prone to emotional dependence. You are giving him the right to do what he wants with your life.

20. Have you already thought about death, how would you like to die?

What questions can I ask a boy to make him fall in love? Things that bring you closer to his heart. Obviously, you also have to speak from the heart, not just read a questionnaire.

When you fall in love, everything is wonderful, you even overlook a person’s flaws. Do not fall in love with what you imagine him to be, but with what that man really is.

21. If you died and could come back to life, what person would you like to be?

The questions to ask a boy that you like and that he answers you already mean establishing a relationship. They have something, maybe a secret, something intimate that unites them.

Because he is also going to ask you for an answer to the same questions. They will laugh, look into each other’s eyes, joke around, touch each other. It is the best way to make a man fall in love without him realizing it.

22.- What is your motto, do you have a favorite phrase?

Life is continuous decision-making. Happiness is built day by day and it is your responsibility. Deciding to fall in love with a man and believe that you will be happy with him is your responsibility.

Love makes us more aware of ourselves. These questions to ask a guy you like can make you make decisions, you have to trust something.

23.- What do you dislike about your appearance, what would you like to change?

How much do you love yourself as you are? How much do you love yourself despite your flaws? Are they really flaws? These questions to ask your crush let you know his self-esteem.

Falling in love with a man with low self-esteem means that you are going to become his mother’s surrogate. Thinking that you will take care of changing it is a bad idea.

24.- What special talent would you like to have, are you doing something?

Use these questions to make a difficult man fall in love in a fun way. If you can make him laugh and forget about time, you’ve already won. To fall in love with a man is to make him excited.

Each of these questions to ask a guy you like have to get him excited. Only in that way will you have him thinking about you all day.

25.- What living person do you admire, what do you like about that person?

The best questions to conquer a man always have to activate his instincts for improvement. A man falls in love with a woman with whom he thinks his life will be better.

Finding out who he admires means knowing the references he has for his progress and lifestyle. Is he really the type of man you want to fall in love with and have as a partner?

26.- What is your favorite fictional hero?

How funny and happy is the man you want to fall in love with? If he’s a happy person, these questions to ask your crush are going to amuse him.

The life he had as a child is reflected in the man he is now. If in your childhood you received a lot of love, your adult life will be continuous progress.

27.- What is the most valuable of your friends?

What kinds of people does the man you like to surround himself with? The answers to these questions to ask a guy you like, talk about his lifestyle.

Falling in love with a man means bringing his family and friends closer to your life. Here you can see how compatible that man you think you like is with you.

28.- What living person seems despicable to you?

If you got this far, you already have better ideas of what questions to ask the boy you like and make him fall in love. The next time they meet, they cannot ignore each other, as they already have something in common.

To make a man fall in love, any excuse that arouses his emotions is good. A dog in the street, a flower, etc. Or you can ask a question that no one asked.