28 quotes from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on the consciousness of true love

What is true love?  So many people confuse love with things like jealousy or possessiveness. We want him/her to be more affectionate. Or smarter. Or more ambitious. Or no longer available. All of these things are expectations. Expectations are just your requirements of acceptability to love someone. But true love has no expectations. He just likes “as is”.

Many people confuse being in a  couple of relationships with love. It is not because you are in a relationship that true love is present. If there is jealousy, possessiveness, incessant fights, abuse (verbal, emotional or physical), it is not loved. These are emotions and actions based on fear and emotional dependence.

There is a difference between love and passion. Humans tend to be addicted to intense emotions, especially when they are feeling good and euphoric. When we are in love, we want to feel this forever. But guess what? This feeling disappears after a while. It does not mean that you no longer love the other person, it just means that this love will take another form, and thus become closer to true love.

Authentic love gives people freedom. It does not crush its wings in an attempt to keep them close to you. True love does not want to own or control. On the one hand, you have love and, on the other hand, there is fear. Hatred, insecurity, jealousy or greed are other emotions based on fear. Needing someone is a feeling based on fear. You fear you won’t be able to live without them, so you need them and you try to control and own them. To really love a person is to give him the freedom to leave and to flourish, even if that does not include us.

Although people can be inherently selfish to survive, it does not serve us well in our relationships. If you do not place the needs of others at least equal to yours, they will cause resentment. True love truly cares about the happiness of others and will do everything it can to make people feel valued.

Science has proven that emotions like love and fear have very different vibrations. Love vibrates very quickly, while emotions based on fear (think of jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, greed, etc.) vibrate very slowly. When you love completely and unconditionally, you fear nothing. The vibrations of love make you feel good at all times.

True and conscious love  according to Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov is a Bulgarian philosopher, pedagogue, and spiritual master. At the age of seventeen, he met the spiritual master Peter Deunov. He studied and put into practice his esoteric Christian teaching for twenty years. Thereafter, he divided his time between travel and teaching, visiting the holy places of the planet and giving more than 5000 conferences around the world.

Here are 28 lessons from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on true and conscious love:

  1. Human happiness and fulfillment; depends on a good understanding of love.
  2. True love does not exhaust you, on the contrary, it beautifies you, it illuminates you.
  3. Never stop loving. Whatever happens to you, never close your heart, because it is then the desert that you let settle in you. Others may not need your love, but you need to love.
  4. True love is a higher state of consciousness that brings all the blessings and that nurtures the springing source of life within you.
  5. Love, true love, must be sought above, in the regions of the soul and the spirit.
  6. Your love must make a being grow.
  7. Love is a radical power because it touches the deep nature of being to transform everything in it.
  8. True love is a vibration of extreme subtlety, and to emit this vibration as well as to receive it, it takes a lot of attention, a lot of vigilance.
  9. To truly love is not to feel an attraction for a man or a woman. To love is to be inhabited by love. Whoever comes to understand it has the key to achieving it, because he becomes more lucid, stronger, more in control of events.
  10. You will only truly find love if you manage to bring this life into you, a purified life, illuminated by your spiritual work. Love is life. But it is also necessary to make intelligence work, to have discernment, to make a selection, a choice, to know who to love, how to love and how to spiritualize and sublimate your love.
  11. Love, and concern yourself only with improving the quality of your love by removing from it the elements of lust, possessiveness, violence which it contains and which hinder your development.
  12. Humans only need two things: to love and be loved, to give and receive love. This is why never prevent your heart from loving. We must always love, without stopping, all of creation, all creatures, and especially the Creator. But always worry about what form to love and what direction to give to this love.
  13. Whoever understands the secret of love does not wait, he does not even think that we can give him something in return because he already tastes happiness that exceeds the imagination.
  14. When you are able to sacrifice yourself for the good of the other, it is only there that you are able to love.
  15. Love is a force and this force acts on you, on your mind, on your will, on your very body, and it gives you immense possibilities.
  16. Selfless love expects nothing from others, it does not worry, it does not cling to them, it does not disturb them. It is a spring which springs, which gives unceasingly without being concerned with knowing who will come to draw its water; he likes to distribute it without counting.
  17. True love thinks above all of the happiness of the other.
  18. And what does it mean to live with love? Simply breathe, eat, walk, watch, listen with love. You think you know it all… No, you don’t know. To live with love is to rise to this state of consciousness which harmonizes your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and keeps you in balance. And this state of consciousness becomes a source of joy, strength, health, not only for you but for all the creatures you meet.
  19. Nothing is more beautiful than love. But there are too often instinctive, passionate elements that prevent his true nature from appearing.
  20. True love must bring light, beauty, and peace to the one you love. And it is on this condition that your love will also make you progress.
  21. As long as you do not know love as a state of consciousness, you will be in the dark and you will not understand much in life.
  22. Love is the only force that organizes things, that makes them grow and flourish. As soon as love enters a family, a community, a society, there is no longer any need to say: do this, and if you do not do so, beware, all of them do their work with pleasure. Where love has entered, the law has no place.
  23. I count on my love, I want to love and if others do not want to love, it is their business, they will be unhappy, but I am happy.
  24. You have not yet experienced the powers of love enough. For example, you are worried, irritated, unhappy … Well, instead of gnawing or going everywhere to complain and annoy others, stay calm. Start by breathing, then say a word with love, make a gesture with love, send a thought with love. You will find that what ferments and putrefies in you are chased away.
  25. The less a being is evolved, the more he yields to the insistence of his love without analyzing whether he is disinterested, pure or useful.
  26. The beings who loved each other with true love never leave each other, their souls cross all the obstacles of matter.
  27. Any act that is inspired by true love leaves traces in you like a perfume that you will keep for eternity.
  28. Love is much more than this attraction which pushes humans towards each other and which makes them separate when this attraction ceases and that they feel drawn towards someone else. The day you know what true love is, you will get purer elements from each encounter.

Remember, love is happiness, appreciation and feeling good. Something other than love. If we all loved each other like ourselves, the world would be better!