4 feminine qualities that frequently arouse interest in a man

What types of women do men usually fall in love with? A man is interested in a woman when he sees her and feels her attractive. What are the feminine qualities that a man is interested in? Why is a man interested in a woman?

Falling in love can be easy when it’s just about physical attractiveness. But the physical aspect of a woman attracts but does not retain. For a man to stay with the same woman all the time, he has to see certain qualities that make him feel that he will be happy and successful with her.

You can meet a dazzling woman, fall in love and in a short time become interested in something else, stop thinking about her. And yet there is a simple woman with whom more than one man lives in love.

What are the qualities of a woman that men fall in love with? Those correct traits give women the ability to keep a man in love and happy for a long time.

Happiness is the quality most appreciated by a man in a woman, it means a happy home

The lure of happiness is instinctive, that is, it has prevailed from our oldest ancestors. Joy is like a social currency , if you have it you can attract a lot of sympathy, friends, work and even unconditional love .

Contagious sympathy is one of the traits that women have to make a man fall in love . And it stands out if it is accompanied by intelligence, emotional balance and good manners.

Being happy is a way of living, of seeing things and of loving oneself. You can’t be happy if you don’t love yourself. If you do not love yourself, it is easy to give yourself an anger, a complaint or any bad treatment.

Being sensitive, one of the feminine qualities that arouses interest in a man


Another quality that a man loves in a woman is to show her softer and more sensitive side. It is something that cannot be done with someone you do not know. You cannot know that your soul will please him.

Not always the best features of a woman fascinate a man. It might even be that you hate them, like facing that dilemma. However, to attract a man’s interest you have to show your frailty.

Obviously, not so fast, not with just anyone. A woman’s treasures should only be shared with people who know how to appreciate them. That way your emotional bond improves, improves a man’s love for you.

Important characteristic in a woman: Allow your man to enjoy your femininity


Another of the feminine qualities that a man is interested in is enjoying taking care of themselves. When a woman can take charge of her happiness, the male instinct for protection will increase.

A man enjoys and is very proud of being able to take care of the responsible woman in his life. That is why one of the qualities of a woman who falls in love is that they allow this to happen.

When you let a man open the car door or lend you his clothes, you encourage him to love you. A man is very happy to fulfill that role and you make him want to be more faithful.

A very subtle feminine quality is not being available to your partner all the time.


A man is interested in a woman when he misses her . This is based on the fact that a man, since cave times, enjoys chasing his girl. He wants to dominate and protect your femininity.

If you are at his disposal all the time, he loses his taste. That is, one of the feminine qualities that arouses interest in a man is to remain mysterious. You are there for him, but give him the pleasure of chasing you.

First show him what it is like to enjoy your presence, that he will love it. Admire his masculinity and flirt with him in front of his friends or in a public place. Laugh a lot at their bad jokes, etc.


Once you prove the charming woman you are, dedicate yourself to loving yourself doing what you love. This is one of the wonderful qualities of a woman that men fall in love with.

If you have just met him, tell him that you are not looking for anything serious. May he enjoy looking for a way to seriously fall in love. Show yourself within reach of his senses but not of his hand.

In conclusion:

What are the qualities of a woman that men fall in love with?


1.- Always be very happy even if there is no reason. Love the emotions that make you feel good and your power of attraction will improve.

2.- Let your softer and more sensitive side be seen from time to time. Allow him to enjoy showing off his masculinity and protecting you.

3.- Allow that man to enjoy having you in his hands taking charge of the woman he loves.

4.- Do not let him always have you within reach of his hands. Always show her how charming you can be and then get down to what is yours.

The most important of the feminine qualities that arouses interest in a man is that you control all of them. You have never separated yourself from your power to attract and retain the man you love.