49 phrases that a man in love says at all times even when he dreams

When a man says “my love” it does not necessarily mean that he loves you. But if he tells you love with other details, yes. Here are some phrases that a man in love says to make you feel that he really loves you. They are words backed by a sincere attitude.

1.- A man does not always know how to say “I love you”, but his attitudes …

A man doesn’t necessarily have to say “I love you” to make you feel like he’s in love with you. Some phrases that a man in love tells you do not include “I love you.”

But if what your boyfriend or husband does and says indicates that you are his priority, he loves you. Here are some phrases that a man in love says .

1. You are the woman who heals my wounds, you are my motivation to dream big and achieve my challenges

2. I choose you, I love you madly, I love you, but I want you to love yourself well too so that you are happier

3. Falling in love with you has transformed my life, now I love the sun, the moon and each flower whose aroma reaches your life

4. I tell everyone that my life is beautiful, if she, that is, you who look beautiful and kisses better

5. My dream is that it is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I kiss before going to sleep.

6. When I think of love I think of you, when I think of the best kiss … it is wonderful to kiss you every day

7. Every time I think of a wonderful future it is inevitable that there is your smile, your hugs and kisses

2.- Feel what he does, understand what he tells you with affection


If your boyfriend doesn’t say “I love you” as many times as you want, maybe he is saying it to you in a different way. The phrases that a man says when he is in love can be cheesy, but it is his style of loving you.

Not all the phrases that a man in love says conform to a standard. If he says them or if he has details, accept it and do not doubt that he loves you.

8. When the smile leaves me or when I have a bad day, I only think of you and everything is fixed

9. Choosing your love was the most wonderful thing that happened to me and every day choosing you means everything to me.

10. It only happens to me with you, falling in love over and over with the same person, it’s magic and that’s why I love you

11. Being close to you, looking at your eyes, looking at your lips, hugging you and kissing you, that is having a divine life

12. I want a challenge with you: If I do something that you really like, you tell me “kiss me”

13. It is as if you were an angel, I think of you and everything is fixed, I am close to you and everything becomes wonderful

14. I want to make plans with you, imagine and create many names for children, do you?

3.- If he loves you, he looks for you, always finds time and gives you your space


When a man is in love, his life changes completely. Friends and other hobbies are no longer his priority, now she is the center of his life.

The following phrases that a man in love says are not simple romance, but practical things. When a man loves you, he keeps making you fall in love with his attitude.

15. Today I am the one who wants to surprise you in the kitchen, today it is your turn to rest watching TV

16. My love, what do you think if I do the shopping today but you accompany me just to look?

17. Look, I’m still drawing hearts like when I fell in love with you

18. When I met you I was afraid of falling in love, it was there that I learned the value of going for what scares me

19. Hello love, I was just calling you to go out to the park and plan our future

20. Just tell me where you are and I’ll go looking for you no matter it’s the end of the world

21. You know what my biggest dream is, to go out every morning for a jog with our dog.

4.- Affective communication builds love every day


The phrases of men in love for women are not necessarily poetic, but daily affective communication. The way a man treats you says more than words of love.

Look at the following sentences that a man in love says . They express practical things, it is a way of being present and being useful.

22. If you go on a trip and there you miss a hug, I’ll be there for you

23. How about a little house full of gardens, birds and flowers that we feed and water together?

24. Do you know what I imagine when I consider a bright future? You smiling with a bright present

25. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I feel like I miss you, so I hug my pillow and feel your kiss

26. Wake up every morning, pick up the phone and write to you, good morning love, that’s life

27. Today I saw you a little worried, and I don’t know whether to bring you a hug, chocolates or how I help you

28. Love, I am glad that you do those things that you love and that you fight for what you believe in, you have my full support.

5.- Love are small daily details that convey confidence and security


The words that a man in love uses in his daily life are always with emotion. It doesn’t matter if he asks you the time or if he says goodbye, he always does it with a lot of affection.

This is what the following sentences say that a man in love says . In each of those words express that you are his priority.

29. Let me help you with those heavy things, that’s what they are for man, you just give me a kiss

30. How about tomorrow we go to the market together to prepare a delicious meal?

31. I am writing you just to tell you that I miss you, I wish you a nice day and just be happy

32. Love give me your hand, let’s walk together to that future that we want to live so much

33. Yes, tell me, I hear you, do not shut up anything, tell me everything

34. Something good is happening, each time you kiss better

35. Love, I just want to feel your hugs, your kisses and fall asleep with your warmth

6.- Love is not beautiful words but good treatment and small details


You do not love yourself if you hate, if you complain … In the same way, he does not love you if he treats you badly no matter how much he repeats “I love you”. The phrases that only a man in love says are from his own love. He treats himself like that.

To show love you don’t always have to use honeyed words. The ordinary deal have the phrases that a man in love says.

36. Since I have been with you, my whole life shines brighter, you are the light that my soul needs

37. I want to confess to what I did and you did not realize, I am looking for a place to go live

38. You know something my love, after working all I have to do is build our love

39. I love your things, that crazy way of laughing, loving and doing what you love the most in life.

40. I have never liked going shopping with a girl, but with you, I don’t know, everything is magical

41. Whatever you want to do is fine my love, there is no problem if you make a mistake, count on me

42. I know you will achieve everything you set out to do, count on me, I trust you and I love you

7.- He loves you if treating you well is his priority

Every day we exchange notes, messages, letters and calls with our partner. They may be going through difficult times, but if he loves you, even upset he will try not to harm you.

It is okay to argue as a couple, but there is no need to be offended. Take as an example these phrases that a man in love says.

43. I love to play with your hair, come here, leave me your skin for a while

44. I admire that you have your things, your successes and the way you solve your problems

45. Today was very bad at work, I did not do things well, come, just hug me

46. ​​Omar, don’t forget to accompany me to buy clothes, you have good taste, help me

47. I’m thinking of wearing a beard, but I don’t know, you think it looks good on me

48. Today we go to my house, it is my father’s birthday and they want to see you with me

49. Do you remember that vacation trip you told me about? What do you think if we pack.

The messages sent by a man in love can be very innocent and utilitarian, but with great emotional power. A simple greeting or goodbye can become a declaration of love.