5 key moments that build a solid couple

A romantic relationship is interspersed with key steps that will help build a solid and fulfilling couple.

First date, first kiss, first I love you … These are great moments which we yearn for when we are single and which we think about, after years of couple, a tear of emotion around the corner ‘eye. However, there will be moments that are just as important as they are essential to the foundation of the couple. Here are a few.

1- Your first romantic trip

If your first trip together will leave you with unforgettable memories, it is also an opportunity to get to know your partner better. Does he have a taste for adventure? Is it organized? Ordered? Morning or evening? Being together 24 hours a day means you have to drop the mask on both sides. A taste of what to expect when you (maybe) move in together. “Your first trip will reveal not only your compatibility as a couple, but ultimately, how you would behave if you were married,” says Allison Pescosolido, co-founder of Divorce Detox counseling.. “Traveling can be seen as a mini-test to see how your relationship works when you are together 24/7 and encounter unpredictable circumstances.”

2- When you accept the faults of the other

To truly love the other, you must also accept him with his faults. So, if you continue to love him despite his snoring, his carelessness or his dirty character, then, there, you can tell yourself that you have passed an important milestone and that these are not his (small) faults, nor yours, who will end this love with a capital A.

3- Your move in together

Now that you’ve successfully passed the first test of going on a trip together … and coming back together, and over time, you’ve discovered that your perfect man finally has some faults (that’s good, you too ), are you perhaps ready to take the plunge by moving in together?

4- When you overcome trials

Loss of work , death of a loved one, financial worries, family discord … We are all going through difficult times in life. Going together to overcome hardships means that you are really there for each other, especially since you may have to see each other in one (several?) Bad days. Is it not the greatest proof of love to face it, continue to love and support the other in these dark moments?

5- Your first arguments

It may seem odd to put arguments among the highlights that forge a couple. And yet arguing, reconciling and learning to manage conflicts help the couple to grow. Indeed, this allows the two lovers to “understand each other better and to clarify their needs and their values”, explains couples psychologist Ashley Davis Bush . Knowing how to speak and fix things will improve communication and respect between partners. And isn’t communication the key to happy couples ?