5 signs that indicate that your man is unfaithful

There is no worse feeling than to discover that your partner, whose love you are madly in love with, deceives you with someone else. How could it break your trust and ruin your love? The pain that accompanies this awareness is heartbreaking. We all think that we know how to detect unfaithful men. However, they are able to deceive us without being unmasked.

Why are some men unfaithful?

Generally, the decision of a man to engage in infidelity is dictated by one or more factors, here are 3:

Insecurity: He does not feel attractive, smart enough, rich enough, or whatever. He seeks an extramarital validation to reinforce his withered ego.

Unrealistic expectations: a man may think that his partner must satisfy all his desires; he is therefore constantly disappointed with his relationship. And when his expectations are not satisfied, he seeks external fulfillment.

Boredom in the couple: the routine that sets in and the days that are similar in most cases were a need for change and exoticism. This can lead to infidelity and the search for extra-marital adventures.

Here are 5 of the most common signs of infidelity in men:

1. Unpredictable mood swings and distance

Lately, you notice a change in your partner’s behavior. He is almost constantly on the nerves and disturbed, and you do not seem to find any particular reason for excusing his mood swings. Worse, he forgets the important dates (your birthday, wedding anniversary, your first kiss …) Know that if he is less talkative, distant, avoiding intimate moments and no longer seeking to exchange … it’s the alert red.

2. Quick change of appearance

For some time now, your spouse’s style has changed dramatically; he shaves every day, puts on a different hairstyle, has completely changed his wardrobe … in short, he gets dressed. This should alert you because if this change seems unjustified, he can explain his need to want to please another …

3. No more joint projects

Before, you organized your travels, your weekends and your evenings … You spoke about your plans and your future projects, and did everything to realize them. But that has changed, you are not planning anything anymore, and that’s getting it all right. Ladies, you have to worry, because this is reflected in a lack of interest on his part …

4. More time at work

Meetings here, appointments with customers there … While he used to return early, your spouse seems to no longer finish the job. And this sudden overload of work is not very convincing (no promotion, period of crisis within the company …).

5. He complains about everything and explains nothing to you

He’s looking for the little beast. You can make him happy, pamper him, take care of him … nothing seems to satisfy him. On the contrary, he complains of nothing and everything and whatever you do, he criticizes you. And to top it all off, your “darling” escapes any explanation when you ask her … You should ask yourself questions, because if nothing else at home please your partner is that someone else elsewhere was able to fill it …

Other reasons:

· He never leaves his phone again and tries to make sure you do not touch him, whereas before, you read him his SMS, listen to his voice messages …

· He changed his passwords and you are no longer allowed to use his computer or tablet …

· He is less and less active in bed, and that does not seem to bother him …