5 things a woman in love should not do to please a man

Sometimes a woman when she falls in love becomes reckless, too risky, and silly. But there are things that a woman in love should never do for her own happiness and integrity. A woman who has to love the most is herself.

Loving is not about doing anything for the loved one. Your self-esteem, dignity, values, happiness, etc., should never be at stake for love. You can’t really love well if you don’t love yourself well. You can not give what you do not have.

The 5 things a woman should not do for a man she is in love with:

1.- You don’t have to believe in everything he promises and says

A woman in love does not mean a woman available or that she can be treated as if she did not have a personality of her own. A man whom you should respect the most is a woman in love.

But many women believe that the man they love is “their everything”, “their world”, “their life”. They believe that without it they could not live and they believe everything or endure everything. That is emotional dependence, not love.

You don’t have to believe everything even if he’s a good man. Both may have a different opinion on something, assert yourself. Mutual respect is the greatest proof of love. Love your differences.

2.- Things that a woman in love should not do: Take risks

There are silly risks that a woman should never take for a man even if she is crazy about him. Your relationship is not going to last a lifetime, accept it, even if you think it is your only love.

You are a good girl and you have every good intention to please him. But among the things that a woman should not do for a man is, for example, send him intimate photos.

In the best case of him being a good man, everything can get out of hand. You don’t need to send her compromising images, they don’t express your value well.

Your privacy is sacred. If you want to have the security of good love, it is important that you improve your self-esteem.

3.- Change your physique just to believe that they will love you more

It is very good that you worry about your physical appearance, but it is not good that you do it from insecurity. This is one of those things that a woman in love should not do.

Feeling attractive, beautiful, and desirable is important to a woman. You should know that sheer physical attractiveness attracts, but does not fall in love. A man can be behind you, just because of your curves.

But if your self-esteem is low, if you don’t take care of your happiness and don’t build values, it will get bored. Being too superficial is one of the things that a woman should not do.

If a man only follows you when you are well-groomed, you waste time with him. A superficial man is prone to infidelity.

4.- Don’t give up on your dreams just because someone doesn’t like it

Some women quit working just because their partner doesn’t like it. Giving up your professional performance is one of the things that a woman in love should not do.

Not just a woman, every person has potential and dreams that they can fulfill so that they live their purpose. A woman who does not do what she loves, who is not free to decide her life withers.

Compromising your goals is one of the things a woman should not do for a man. Who else you have to love is yourself, who else you have to please is yourself.

5.- Never stay away from your family and best friends

Even if you change your address to a very distant country, keep in touch with your family and friends. Forgetting about her family is one of the things that a woman should not do for a man.

A man cannot ask you to stay away from your loved ones. If he does it for any reason, it will be because his reasons prevail more than love. That man has no emotional balance.

Imagine that in the future that happens with your children. For more differences you may have with your family, they are things that a woman in love should not do.

We all need support at some point and no one likes your family and friends to support you unconditionally. Don’t let a man ask you for such barbarism.