5 Ways to Dump Your Guy by Text

Sometimes, things make it not work between you and your love conquest. Lassitude, lack of desire, or, quite simply, nothing in common, the reasons can turn out to be many and varied.

It is then that the rupture is essential. The most practical way to end a relationship – especially if it was short-lived – is to text. Here are 5 ways to drop your boyfriend by SMS served on a silver platter.

Placing a guy by SMS: The Benefits

Placing a guy by SMS is quick and convenient. If no feeling is installed or that there is no longer any question of passionate love on your side, this is the best solution to cut the bridges. Some will equate this with an act of cowardice.

See a simple way to move on here.

However, not dropping SMS does not exonerate from giving reasons. Whether real or fictional, it is a mark of respect not to leave one’s future ex in the dark. And, above all, he will be able to turn the page more easily.

This will help prevent him from harassing you for months.

Also, well written, the SMS represents a major advantage: it avoids conflict. To avoid confrontation, it will be enough to cut your laptop.

Because, when you’re not addicted to someone, you don’t really want to get into long explanations. These would inevitably lead to dramatic scenes with tears and cries. Or something at least as tiring.

You will do without it, will you?

Standard phrases for the Drop by Text

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. Here are some standard phrases to help you write the fateful text message. The important thing when writing such a message is to be clear and precise.

You have to say that you are dropping your guy but also why. All in 1 or 2 sentences.

The most common cause of the breakup is the weariness that sets in with a couple. Here are some ideas to express this feeling in your text:

    • I had loved a man once, but since then water has flowed under the bridge… and I will have to tell him about my disillusionment. Sorry, but I miss the desire to continue walking by your side now. Good road.


  • I’m not sure why I liked you, the feeling was probably good. Today, I am sorry to have to end our relationship … the fed up was right on me. Good continuation.

To express your lack of confidence in your partner:

    • What saddens me the most is not the break that I am announcing to you via this SMS but the fact that you will have already forgotten me in a week…


  • I know you will leave me one day, so if you allow me, I prefer to do it first. Let’s not waste any more time!

If you want to get the message out that your guy is bothering you:

  • In just one week, your absence has proven to be absolutely essential to me. Sorry to have to separate our paths here. Goodbye.

These messages are to be adapted according to each context. But you can at least get an idea of ​​how to write an SMS breaking. Being brief and clear is essential.

And above all, don’t forget to share your main reason.