6 things that prove you’ve already found the perfect match

The story we sell about love usually doesn’t get through exposure. 

The part that people write and talk about and make films about is search, discovery, loss, and discovery again.

We are talking about grief and loss, and how we grapple with ourselves and our partners, but we are not talking about the mundane, the mundane, the everyday life we ​​relocate to once the fire is over. artifice finished.

Often times, the relationships we’re in aren’t bad, they’re just not what we imagined.

At one point or another, most people need a little reminder that love is what we favor, not what we find. Here are all the signs that you might already be in the right relationship.

1. You know how to resolve your old relationship patterns.

When you get to the point where you are able to recognize an emerging pattern, you are also at the point where you are ready to let go. Often in the best relationships, these issues come to the fore. It is never a question of whether you feel them or not, but whether you resolve them or not.

2. You want the same things in the long run.

There are so many practical things that are essential when it comes to choosing a life partner that is right for you, although none of them seem very romantic on the surface. One of the most important is whether or not you want the same things as a whole: kids or dogs or both? Suburb or city? If a person has to compromise a fundamental part of the life they want to live for the good of the relationship, it probably won’t work.

3. You both want to make your relationship work.

All relationships have problems. But you have to know if both parties have a deep and innate desire to overcome them. It takes a lot of work, compromise, and sacrifice to foster a healthy, loving bond, and if you don’t want to give it your all, you probably won’t be able to weather the trials that you inevitably face.

4. You realize that no one is responsible for your happiness except you.

When most people give up on love, it’s because they’ve reached the point where the other isn’t making them happy. The harsh reality is that no one else but you can make you happy.

The unfortunate periods come and go, but your relationship should be stronger. The key to this is fueling your own gas tank; As anyone in a long-term relationship can tell you, it’s the unrealistic attachment and expectations that sink the ship faster than anything else.

5. You have an unprecedented level of acceptance for each other.

This is often overlooked quality in a relationship, but it is an important quality. The right relationship is one in which you have mutual acceptance and respect for each other. In other words, you are not trying to change your partner. You don’t tease yourself over the little things. You see who the whole person is, not just the parts you like best.

6. You feel at peace.

In any other situation, it would make you feel comfortable. But lately, he’s been wondering if that romantic spark still exists. The truth is, the kind of love that lasts, the kind that you build a respectful, intimate, real relationship on, makes you feel at peace. It’s more comfort than panic and thrills.