6 things you can do with your partner that are more intimate than making love

All too often people limit their perception of physical intimacy with their partner to what is happening in the bedroom. But intimacy takes other forms than the s exual act.

Experienced couples can confirm that intimacy is essential to maintain a healthy romantic relationship. It is certain that to discover the body of his partner or to test new s exual games turns out to be very entertaining but the intimacy is not limited to that. If you want to maintain s exual arousal in your couple, little things are within everyone’s reach. They will allow you to express sulfurously, delicately and even erotically what you feel and to maintain this intimacy which binds you to your partner. Here are some examples of how you and your partner can become more intimate without having s ex.

  1. Look at each other intensely

It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul. Staring into the eyes for several minutes allows you to experience a very strong feeling towards the other person. It has even been tested in experiments by researchers. And some even felt a very strong attraction towards the other after having fixed themselves for a few minutes … to the point of falling in love when they saw each other for the first time. If you do it with your spouse it will give you the impression of feeling intensely what is deep inside him and why not see a flame shine in it, the flame he feels for you? Try it, you will see for yourself.

  1. Lie down side by side in a bed without making love

You don’t have to have s ex to be intimate. Sleeping together in the same bed conveys a feeling of comfort and security with your partner. There is even evidence that it would lower the stress hormone cortisol. Get up in the morning and live your lives as you do every day. And you will be happy to meet again in the evening, side by side, to feel relaxed and fulfilled.

  1. Take care of your partner when he gets sick

No one wants their partner to get sick, of course, but the immune system has failed. We all appreciate in these moments of physical weakness to be pampered and to be able to “rest” on someone. We all need attention and these moments can send us back to childhood when our mom (she is the one we think of first) took care of us. Taking care of your partner when he is sick is very much appreciated by all mothers and allows you to acquire intimacy based on trust and security.

  1. Express your love by writing to yourself

Intimacy does not always have to be physical. It can also be expressed through words. With the advancement of the media, the internet and new technologies, communication has come a long way and it seems easier than it has ever been. And even if our communication standards do not seem to have changed, we are still sensitive to the expression of kindness and attention expressed through words. Surprise your partner by writing passionate, fiery love letters. He/she cannot remain insensitive and will be transported from it.

  1. Compliment yourself

Tell your lover how beautiful you find him. Tell your girlfriend that she is very elegant. That you find it beautiful even when it is not made up. You always achieve a great level of intimacy when you compliment your partner and feel admired, loved and cherished. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions and feelings run wild by saying what you think most naturally.

  1. Just be together and do nothing 

It should be nice as long as you’re together. Love knows no place, time or space. You can be in perfect harmony and fully live your love by being sprawled on a sofa or admiring the Eiffel Tower. It is so easy to share your privacy by allowing you to enjoy each other’s company. You don’t need any distraction or exciting activity to feel your heart racing. The only thing necessary is to be with your partner, and this should always be enough when you want to preserve and strengthen your intimacy.