63 curious questions to ask a boy you love to get to know him more

It is very important that every day you get to know the boy you love more. It is not enough that it is cute and fun. The following questions to ask a boy you love will allow you to learn more about him. That way you will know some things that you ignored and maybe you want it more.

Knowing the boy you love is important because of the influence he has on you. Whether you like or not the relationship you have with him is changing your life and it is essential that you know in which direction.

What to ask a guy you like and love? It does not have to be anything complicated, the following list can help you a lot. Don’t let time go by without even asking the basics of his life.

1.- Your boy has the right to his own thoughts

As you get to know that person you love, you will realize that they think very differently from what you imagined. You will even realize that their goals and ideals are very different from what you assumed. ‘

The following questions for the guy you like will help you find out more about his thoughts and personality. Now you will have many more reasons to stay by his side or make a change in your life.

1. What would you say about yourself in 3 words?

2. What do you prefer, be guided by your mind or by your heart?

3. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person or just normal?

4. If you could marry a famous actress, who would it be?

5. What by doing would you like to become a millionaire?

6. What are your three worst fears?

7. What is more comfortable for you, asking for forgiveness or asking for permission?

2.- The best questions to ask a boy you love

Communication in the couple is essential not only to get to know each other better, but above all to create more connections. The more you know about the man you love, the more confidence and happiness you will feel.

8. Are you superstitious about anything?

9. Do you believe in life beyond death?

10. Do you believe in eternal love?

11. If you were left alone in the world, what would you do?

12. If you were elected king, what country would you like to rule?

13. If you went to live in your favorite place, where would it be?

14. What pet would you like to share your time with?

3.- Spice up your love relationship

The best thing you can do with the man you love is laugh. Having a good time with that man will make you feel happy and flat. Good humor makes couples connect better.

Some of these questions to ask a boy you love can help you laugh together. Total nobody is perfect but we can all dream of a perfect life of love and happiness.

15. How do you imagine your life when you have children?

16. How would you like your house to be?

17. Is there a book you have already read and would you read again?

18. What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

19. If you had a pet dog, what would you name it?

20. Is there something crazy that you can’t believe you did?

21. Do you remember a shameful moment in your life?

4.- Let the man you love surprise you

Some of these questions to ask the guy you like will have surprising answers. Plus the man you love may also want you to answer the same questions.

Your questions should be casual so that it doesn’t sound like an interrogation. Each of these questions to ask a guy you love can take you into surprising and unfamiliar terrain.

22. If you were inspired to do something heroic, what would it be?

23. If life gives you a choice between love and money, what would you choose?

24. Do you think you look like a science fiction character?

25. If you were given any job to choose, which one would you choose?

26. What food do you like to repeat every week?

27. If you were very good at cooking, what would you prepare to impress?

28. If you had to choose one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5.- What to ask a boy you love a lot

Nobody is obliged to answer your questions. What you really want with these questions to ask a guy you love is to create mutual trust. You need to establish a closer and more intimate relationship.

A question asked in various ways will reveal if your boy is sincere. That is why you must act as a confident friend and yourself be very sincere with him.

29. How would you like your wife to be if you were very rich?

30. If you could travel to any planet, where would you spend your honeymoon?

31. If they ever take you to prison, why could it be?

32. What do you prefer to do when you travel, read or watch a movie?

33. What is the cutest thing someone ever said to you?

34. Is there something you would like to know about your future?

35. If you were a prodigy playing a musical instrument, what would it be?

6.- Confidence reveals the sincerity of the man you love

That the man you love also falls in love with you is cute. But the reasons why you love him are real? You may just be in love with the expectations you have of him.

The answers to these questions to ask a boy you love will reveal the truth to you. Now you can love him for other reasons or confirm that you are only in love with a ghost.

36. Is there any regret that comes back to you over and over again?

37. What would you like to have, for your own achievements, in 10 years from now?

38. Do you believe that God hears and hears people’s prayers?

39. Do you think that the ideal woman for you awaits you somewhere?

40. Have you ever felt harassed by a girl?

41. Have you ever had a kiss stolen?

42. Is there someone you would like to steal a kiss from?

7.- It is important that you feel free to fly

I mean that the most important thing in your love relationship is that you feel comfortable, full and happy. With these questions to ask a boy you love, how do you feel while he answers you?

43. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

44. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to when you are alone?

45. You have a movie that you love and another that you hate, what are they?

46. ​​On weekends do you get up early or do you keep sleeping?

47. On weekends do you prefer to stay at home or go out?

48. Look me in the eye, can you guess what I’m thinking?

49. At school, did you ever get a bad grade and bribe your teacher?

8.- The more you know him, the more you should love yourself

The man you love doesn’t have to be exactly how you want or assumed he was. No one is there to meet your expectations, the only thing you can do is improve your self-esteem.

50. If you were to get high, what drug would you use?

51. Have you ever been very afraid?

52. Do you think you are a free and adventurous spirit?

53. What part of the world would you like to visit this year?

54. Do you think that in our past lives we ever met?

55. In which city in the world would you like to have a family?

56. What part of you makes you feel the most vain?

9.- Make me be totally honest with you

The man you love also wants to be happy, but he has his fears, reservations and ideas. You have to give him confidence with these questions to ask a boy you love , answering yourself.

57. What is your biggest sin in love?

58. Would you like to tell me a secret?

59. Do you think you are a person destined to do great things?

60. What do you prefer about the weather, hot or cold?

61. Have you ever had your heart broken that you felt like dying?

62. Has anyone claimed that you broke their heart?

63. Is there any reason why you would be unfaithful with your best friend?

The answers he gives you will give you an idea of ​​what kind of man you say you love. Now you will find out if it really is what you imagine or if it is all about your own fantasies.

Benefits of these questions to ask a boy you love: If he was unfaithful in the past, you have to take your precautions. If he tells you that he regrets how wrong he did something, he is telling you about his values.