7 se xual experiences you should not try

In the se xual sphere, each person is different and to his own preferences in the matter. That said, certain practices and positions are commonly associated with excitement and pleasure. But without conducting one’s own experiences, one can not be sure of the veracity of certain myths. In an airplane, in an elevator or in the shower … Discover the 7 places that seem particularly rich in sensations, but which are absolutely not!

To fully surrender to s exual pleasure, you sometimes have to take risks and get out of your comfort zone. That said, do not always expect to reach orga sm by trying new practices. In this article, we present you the 7 most uncomfortable places and the least conducive to enjoyment during a se xual act … You will be surprised to see that these experiences are often associated by our collective unconscious with excitement and pleasure.

1. On the washing machine

After the effort, comfort. You were doing some housework when suddenly your partner was tempted by the sight of your underwear … Men are often stimulated by this practice a bit strange and women are seduced by the unexpected initiatives of their partner. But unless the size of your washing machine is at the same level as the man’s pool, this position will be very difficult to achieve.

2. In a sauna

If in the collective spirit, this place is conducive to pleasure, the reality is quite different. Indeed, it is as dangerous as uncomfortable to have se x in a room where the temperature exceeds 70 ° C. Trust us, your two bodies half secrete enough sweat with the heat of the sauna, you really do not need to add more …

3. In a fitting room

After having tried this bra that is going to delight you, your companion has a sudden desire to make you love? Hold it. Salespeople will necessarily see if the article is right for you and you may face serious legal problems.

4. On the beach

On the hot sand, under a beautiful sun in summer, some may be tempted by the idea of ​​making love outdoors to spice up their s ex life. Nevertheless, it seems that the beach has its share of disadvantages. Indeed, the mixture sun-sand is likely to irritate your private parts. Think twice before removing your shirt!

5. In a car

This fantasy originates from the famous love scene of the cult film  Titanic. Indeed, this classic has had the merit of seducing more than one. Today, the excitement associated with it is synonymous with risk-taking. Still, it would seem this place is not conducive to foreplay and would even reduce s exual performance.

6. In an elevator

Who has never dreamed of making love in an elevator, blocked between two floors to preserve a semblance of intimacy? If you try the experience, you will soon realize that this place is not very roomy is absolutely not conducive to s exual intercourse. Indeed, you can not indulge in carnal pleasures without feeling some discomfort in your movements and a lack of freedom. In addition, remember that most elevators have surveillance cameras …

7. In the woods

You want to get closer to nature and enjoy a s exual practice in a wild place conducive to thrills? Warning! The small herbs could scratch you and prevent you from letting yourself go to the pleasure of love. In addition, the naked body followers, namely mosquitoes, flies and ants, may blame you for not inviting them to share this intimate moment.