8 Behaviors that men adopt with their great love

Men and women have very different ways of showing affection. Apart from a few very sensitive male specimens, this is a universal truth.

From time to time it can be confusing for women. “Yesterday, he was the most adorable guy in the world and today he’s an idiot. Which is probably true! What a man does and says can leave us perplexed…

The truth is that men and women have different ways of thinking. Overall, women tend to be sensitive and accommodating – 2 areas in which many men have difficulty.

That said, men adopt a number of behaviors that demonstrate their love for a woman.

Here are the behaviors in question:

1. He listens to you (carefully!)

Generally, women know how to listen better than men. To be honest, some men have absolutely catastrophic listening skills.

But what’s curious is that men will always pay extreme attention to things that matter. So when a man listens to you but also pays you real attention and responds intelligently – an ability called active listening – you can be sure that he is mad with love.

2. He is not afraid to make sacrifices

It is much easier to make personal sacrifices for someone you love. In fact, a man in love is extremely upset that his wife is unhappy – especially if he knows he can do something for her.

Therefore, making sacrifices for your happiness is a way for a man to show you his love. He will always put you first, even if it means changing his plans or getting out of his comfort zone.

3. He Displays His Vulnerability (Very Important Point)

As men remain men, they are extremely careful when it comes to adopting a behavior that can be perceived by others as a sign of weakness. In love, however, this tenacious habit can quickly be forgotten – and so much the better.

When you are in love, it is much more pleasant to feel vulnerable and to act with vulnerability. In a romantic relationship, vulnerability will surely come to the fore on multiple occasions – especially if you are the only one.

4. He likes your appearance in your “bad days”

Do you remember the superhuman efforts we made to appear in our best light during the first meetings? Without a doubt ! We all want to feel good and beautiful when we find ourselves with a potential partner.

Then comes the relationship itself. We spend more time together, the feeling of comfort increases and our need to impress the other suddenly disappears. We are free to walk around in our pajamas, stain our T-shirts and forget the gel in our hair.

When men love, they think a woman is beautiful in any situation.

5. He is proud of you (and not afraid to show it to you)

In love, a real man is not afraid to show you how proud he is of you.

Whether you are a fantastic mother, a hard worker, or you achieve your goals, you can be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed. In fact, all the wonderful things you do and work for bring us great joy and pride.

Therefore, the idea of ​​losing against you doesn’t upset us (too much). If you are both competitors at heart, he will probably feel less hurt after a quick defeat! (Good game !)

6. He’s fighting for you

Little personal anecdote. A writer was visiting a hospital when his girlfriend was attacked by a security guard and some of her fellow men. When he called her to find out where she was, he immediately felt panic in his voice.

He was absolutely furious. After having calmed down enough to walk the corridors of the hospital, the writer fell on said bastards, rolled up his sleeves and attacked them directly. (Note that the story took place in a foreign country – so some restraint was in order.) Following the young woman’s calls and cries of resistance, we all emerged unscathed.

What ignited my anger? The pain that reflected in my wife’s voice. The cramps in the stomach, the pain that took me to the guts and that you can only feel when you love someone dearly.

7. He fights by your side

This behavior is obvious, but in order not to offend anyone – we are not referring to the domestic melodramas strewn with insults. We are not talking either and obviously about physical altercations.

That said, if a man loves you and is emotionally involved in his relationship, he will start a “fight” to avoid losing you; even if it means he has to fight with the woman he loves.

Why ? Because we are afraid. We love you and the smallest threat to our relationship is for us the equivalent of a punch in the stomach . If we are fighting with this objective in mind, it is because we want things to work and show you our commitment.

8. He treats your family and friends with respect.

When we know that this or that person is important to you, they therefore become important to us. The explanation is simple: you treasure your family and friends, and the last thing we want is to hurt you.

While we may not like one of your family members (see: “husbands and mothers-in-law”) or one of your cranky friends, we will be quiet because we know how much they mean to you.