8 signs, what does a man secretly in love with his best friend do

How to know that your best friend has fallen in love with you? Or rather, what does a man secretly in love with his best friend do? Because for a while you have realized that your friend is somewhat different. You do not know exactly what it is, but we are going to guide you a little so that you know.

1.- Most men who fall in love with their best friend keep the secret

For a man, falling in love with his best friend can be an unpleasant experience. Well, you are faced with the dilemma, to be your best friend or your crush? What if everything goes wrong and you lose everything? How to know if a man is secretly in love with you?


Most guys get stuck with the idea of ​​messing it up. For many of these guys, the secret love affair begins as soon as they meet. As soon as he sees you, he thinks, you’re beautiful, but he won’t listen to me. So just aspire to be your best friend to be around .

He gives you little gifts, always accompanies you and never expresses what he really wants. As once he seems not to want anything else, you start to love him as a best friend. You share more with him and he falls in love more secretly.

2.- If a man has a very big smile, he feels something more than friendship

What is a man secretly in love with his best friend doing? Good friends smile a lot, but they don’t smile at one person in particular. So if your friend especially smiles at you, big and bright, he might be in love with you.

The body language of a man in love silently reveals what he feels even if he doesn’t want to say it. whoever loves in secret expresses his joy at being with you.

Whenever a person is close to the person they love, they smile. It is a subconscious act that not even he can control.

3.- What does a man in love secretly do: He makes frequent eye contact

How to know if a man secretly loves you, especially if he is your best friend? If you find him staring at you all the time, it’s not just about friendship, his feelings may be love.

A man who only feels friendship will look at everyone the same. But if he looks more at a girl, things change. When there is a high level of eye contact, it means there is attraction. That man wants something intimate with you.

If your best friend always has his eyes on you, he is not only thinking about friendship. Maybe he’s secretly in love. Every moment he wants to tell you, but he is blocked by the great friendship that there is.

4.- A man in love secretly looks restless fixing his clothes or hair

How does a man in love act in silence? Since she does not feel able to express her love, she can play with her hair or continuously fix her clothes. These games express a subconscious desire for attention, which she realizes.

What is a man secretly in love with his best friend doing? In his eagerness to hide his love, he becomes blocked and spontaneously appears nervous. A man secretly in love with his friend can play with her clothes, some jewelery or her cell phone.

5.- When a man is in love he silently conforms with light touches to his loved one

One of the signs that a man secretly loves you is that need to touch you. If your best friend touches you frequently, he might be secretly in love with you. Perhaps you do not give importance to those touches because there is confidence and it is never so bad.

A friend with a secret love in love with a friend is more frequent than we imagine. Small touches, staying very close, and other signs show attraction. For a friend, being in love secretly can mean the security of always staying close.

6.- A secret lover, if he is your best friend, always invades your personal space

With friends there is always proximity, but not always with one of them. But what about a friend in love secretly, what does a man in love secretly do? You may see it as part of the confidence they have, but if it is very frequent, there are feelings of love.

It is normal for someone who is attracted to want to be next to that person. Therefore, one way to know if someone is secretly in love with you is by their frequent proximity. I’m secretly in love with my best friend, what can I do?

7.- If your best friend crosses her legs and directs her to you, it means love attraction

What a man in love secretly does versus what a girlfriend in love can do is very simple. A woman has more resources to express her love or her desire for something very romantic with a man.

Because of the great trust that there is with her best friend, a woman may want to have a very romantic moment. Then she becomes suggestive, crosses her legs so you can see and understand her. He can even touch you with the balls of his feet, I’m here, he tells you.

8.- If your best friend always tries to be part of your conversation, there are feelings of love

You are talking with other friends and one of your friends always tries to stand out by standing next to you, it means attraction. Because that’s what a man in love does secretly, try to get noticed.

It’s all about a need to connect with the love of your life. This secret love in love with a friend will always want to be as close as possible. To achieve a better connection, he will tell you private or personal things.

Of course, your secretly in love friend will always want to be by your side. His love will keep silent for fear of being rejected and losing you. But if you like him too, you could help him if you observe some of these signs.