8 Ways to Conquer Someone

When we are looking for a serious relationship, we look for how to conquer someone, we think about the moment of conquest and what to do.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared 8 ways to conquer someone.

We grew up thinking about finding our prince charming, just like in the stories, but the reality is very different.

Unlike the movies, we don’t have the glass slipper or the poisoned apple.

We have an imagination, intuition, and many questions about how to conquer a man.

But how to conquer someone really?

How to conquer someone you’ve never seen? How to conquer the crush that we just exchange glances at?

So we have to change the focus and ask ourselves how to attract a man, before going around doing silly things.

Thinking about it, we prepared 8 ways to attract a man, check them out:

  1. Love your body and accept your flaws, this helps a lot when attracting a man;
  2. Be attractive, without being vulgar;
  3. Provoke more with actions that demonstrate your femininity;
  4. Be as natural as possible, men don’t like beauty that comes off with soap and water;
  5. A good crossing of legs and a smile opens doors you can’t even imagine;
  6. Feel comfortable, never do something to please someone that later leaves you crying or uncomfortable;
  7. Be reckless, decisive women are very attractive;
  8. Eye contact,

These tips are infallible at the time of the conquest.

If you want to know even more about how to conquer a person or how to send a message to conquer that man, keep reading until the end.

What tools can I use?

Today we have tools that help us, such as WhatsApp, which is a tool where we can send audio, photos, and videos, make calls, and much more.

Thinking about it, we can send different messages that attract the person to you and to you.

However, we also have to take into account that many times we are dealing with men who have lost interest.

And when that happens, how to make a man interested again? Here are the tips:

  • Be sweet, nobody likes a bitter woman;
  • Be mysterious, every man likes a little mystery to unravel;
  • Self-confident, keep in mind that the moment is yours and nobody can do it more than you;
  • Use warm colors and ask for his opinion.

I hope these tips help you when it comes to conquering that someone.

But how to conquer someone who’s difficult?

It’s little things that make you answer the previous question of how to conquer someone.

However, what if this man is difficult, what to do? How to use phrases to conquer a difficult man?

In the beginning, every man is difficult and wants to be the predator. It’s important that you don’t show that you’re interested in him.

However, they love praise and seek to be praised.

What they want is for someone to recognize their masculinity and boost their confidence.

Remember that you will be conquering someone you’ve never seen, so it’s all new.

While you may be blind, there are not many tricks to figuring out how to win someone over. Just be yourself, act natural and let things flow.

Sometimes our flaws look cute to other people and that can be your differentiator.

But it won’t always be that easy, so don’t bet on it.

Let’s go to the tips on how to conquer someone :

  • Give attention, but without being clingy;
  • Show interest in his things, for example: if he likes games, say that one day you want to play with him or that he teaches you;
  • Make more intellectual compliments, without getting attached to the body, because only the appearance is very superficial and you won’t want that;
  • Don’t be too emotional to the point of getting an awkward climate between you. There’s nothing more annoying than someone crying 24/7 on your foot.

How to make a man want me?

If you’re already with this man and you want him to think and want only you, hang in there because we’re going to show you strong tips on how to make a man only want you.

Did you like it? Did this article on how to win someone over answer your questions?

We hope so.

Remember that it all depends on how you are going to approach that someone, ok?